Eric Miller

Application Developer

Eric Miller Full BodyEric is an experienced application developer with an energetic and optimistic approach to his work. Not unlike his other DB Services colleagues, he has a passion for technology and what it can do to improve people’s lives. His enthusiasm for embracing challenges and solving business problems is infectious to those who collaborate with him.

While Eric graduated from Indiana University Bloomington with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, he also accumulated a significant concentration in Computer Science
studies. His professional experience includes almost a decade working with FileMaker, a number of years of product and project management in the publishing industry, and integrating innovative technologies to automate, enhance, and modernize traditional workflows. He is inquisitive, dedicated, and detail-oriented in his quest to deliver outstanding results to clients.

In his free time, Eric enjoys pursuing a number of different interests, such as photography, freelance writing for a local newspaper, volunteer work, and reading. He
has been heavily involved with Toastmasters International, both as a participant and as a volunteer Public Relations Manager and Webmaster.