FileMaker Button Bar

The FileMaker Button Bar is a new layout object available as of FileMaker 14. It provides you a centralized place to configure a collection of buttons (including popover buttons). See two common uses for FileMaker Button Bars for navigation bar and for a function bar.

FileMaker Navigation Parts

Learn about two new FileMaker 14 layout parts: Top Navigation and Bottom Navigation, static parts that allow for solution-wide navigation. The addition of these new navigation parts is exciting news for both FileMaker developers and users, as it means easier to design and easier to use solutions.

FileMaker Script Acronym Completion

With the release of FileMaker Script Workspace comes the ability to use type ahead acronym completion for script steps. Auto completion offers developers the ability to create and edit scripts much faster. By allowing them to type just a few quick letters rather than having to type out the script step or manually scan a list and double click, these seconds can add up to minutes and even hours for those who script frequently.