FileMaker WebDirect Phone Support

FileMaker WebDirect has been redesigned to be compatible with mobile phones. In the previous release, FileMaker added support for tablet browsers. FileMaker 15 takes it a step further by providing support for mobile phones. Although you could access WebDirect with a phone before, it was not officially supported, mainly due to dialogs being too small for user interaction.

FileMaker Server Top Call Logging

With the release of FileMaker Server 15 comes the ability to track the heaviest client usage periods. This new feature, named the Top Call Statistics Log, gives server and group administrators the ability to pinpoint the client requests that take the longest, allowing them to investigate any slowdowns in their systems much more quickly and efficiently.

FileMaker App Extensions

FileMaker has made it easier than ever to share data with other apps. With the introduction of app extensions for FileMaker Go we now have the ability to download images, word documents, spreadsheets and even a FileMaker database itself. App Extensions are a way to extend your app, providing users an easy way to exchange files with other iOS apps.

FileMaker 15 User Interface

The FileMaker platform is a constantly evolving and improving ecosystem. The latest version of FileMaker has overhauled the user interface in a number of ways. The FileMaker application UI is extremely important because it is the backdrop of every FileMaker app. This round of updates increases the user experience with visual clarity, less text and visual noise on screen, more intuitive icons, and greater consistency of color.

FileMaker In-Product Updates

FileMaker 15 introduced a much welcomed improvement to the updating process: you can now upgrade your FileMaker Pro directly in Pro itself. Not only does this new feature align with FileMaker Inc's continued focus on security, by making it easier for users to get on the latest version, but it also lays the foundation for FMI to release minor updates more frequently. A win-win for everyone.