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FileMaker Cloud Schedule Manager

Easily manage FileMaker Server Side Schedules with our FileMaker Cloud Schedule Manager, now works with FileMaker Cloud and FileMaker Cloud for AWS. Includes a video and sample file.
Devin Drake  /  Free DownloadsFileMakerHosting  /  January 29th, 2020

FileMaker Cloud Essentials

Claris International, Inc. has released their newest Cloud-based product: FileMaker Cloud Essentials. The product is the perfect way for small-to-medium sized businesses to begin their Workplace Innovation Platform journey.
Elyse Johnson  /  NewsFileMakerLicensingHosting  /  January 22nd, 2020

FileMaker Cloud

FileMaker Cloud, the official cloud hosting platform for your FileMaker apps, eliminates the administrative hassle of on-prem servers and provides a centralized place to manage users across your FileMaker apps. Includes a video.
Patrick Evans  /  HostingLicensingFileMaker  /  October 29th, 2019

FileMaker Cloud Schedule Manager for AWS

Easily manage server-side schedules with the FileMaker Cloud Schedule Manager, a tool which uses the official FileMaker Cloud Admin API. Includes a video and sample file.
Brandon Terrell  /  Free DownloadsFileMakerHosting  /  September 17th, 2019

FileMaker 18 Database Engine Improvements

Learn how to set up FileMaker Server startup restoration to speed up finds and have corrupted files auto-recovered. Includes a video and sample file.
Nathan Kiefer  /  Free DownloadsFileMakerHosting  /  May 22nd, 2019

Zabbix FileMaker Server Monitoring

Zabbix, one of the largest free and open source server monitor applications with 300,000 installations worldwide, can be used to collect and display metrics from multiple FileMaker Servers at once on one interface; therefore, giving you the ability to save time monitoring servers individually. Includes a video.
Aaron Kaiser  /  FileMakerHosting  /  May 22nd, 2019

FileMaker OneDrive Integration

The Microsoft OneDrive API can allow you to edit files without downloading and re-uploading to FileMaker. Integrate FileMaker with Microsoft OneDrive to store documents in the cloud and improve sharing while keeping your database lean and mean. Includes video and sample file.
Mason Stenquist  /  Free DownloadsFileMakerHosting  /  February 5th, 2019

FileMaker 17 Overview

The FileMaker 17 platform continues to be the leader in creating powerful innovative custom applications rapidly for organizations all around the world while working seamlessly across Mobile, Windows, Mac, and the web. We review what’s new in the FileMaker platform.
Kevin Hammond  /  FileMakerHostingLicensing  /  May 15th, 2018

FileMaker Server 17 Admin Console

FileMaker Server 17 has a completely overhauled user interface for the admin console. It’s faster, easier to understand, more powerful, and a whole lot prettier. But beyond these aesthetic improvements FileMaker made quite a few changes under the hood. We showcase some of the coolest new features of FileMaker Server 17 along with a few tips to help get you started with the new admin console.
Kaz McLamore  /  FileMakerHosting  /  May 15th, 2018

FileMaker Cloud 16

Learn about FileMaker Cloud 16, which brings the full power of FileMaker Server to the cloud. With the release of the FileMaker Cloud 1.16 update, several features that were exclusive to on-premise FileMaker Server are now available.
Kiyan Allaei  /  HostingFileMaker  /  January 17th, 2018

FileMaker Cloud Schedule Manager

With the release of FileMaker Cloud Admin API, you can now manage FileMaker Cloud servers and now have the ability to set up FileMaker Server-Side Schedules. Download our free FileMaker Cloud Schedule Manager to manage FileMaker Cloud files and create / edit server-side schedules.
Mason Stenquist  /  Free DownloadsFileMakerHosting  /  December 13th, 2017

FileMaker Cloud for AWS Overview

There are a lot of reasons that FileMaker Cloud would be a great fit for you and your organization, between minimal impact of IT staff and/or technical staff for doing updates and deployment, to the benefits of AWS responsible for security and scalability, FileMaker Cloud is a huge benefit and addition to the FileMaker Family.
David Happersberger  /  HostingLicensingFileMaker  /  November 8th, 2016

FileMaker Server Top Call Logging

With the release of FileMaker Server 15 comes the ability to track the heaviest client usage periods. This new feature, named the Top Call Statistics Log, gives server and group administrators the ability to pinpoint the client requests that take the longest, allowing them to investigate any slowdowns in their systems much more quickly and efficiently.
Ian Haas  /  FileMakerHosting  /  May 10th, 2016

FileMaker 15 Security Enhancements

FileMaker has done it again. They are constantly improving the security features of the FileMaker platform to better serve its users. Now that FileMaker 15 has arrived lets review those changes.
Michael Westendorf  /  FileMakerHosting  /  May 10th, 2016

FileMaker Server Connections Renewal Price Increase

The renewal price for FileMaker Server with concurrent connections will be going up to match the price of new licenses on May 12th, 2016. You have the opportunity to lock in another year (or two!!) of savings at the old renewal price before the increase officially happens.
David Happersberger  /  LicensingFileMakerHosting  /  March 23rd, 2016

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