FileMaker Integrations

Streamline your system by integrating to increase the automation, value and usefulness of your database.

What Can Be Done With Integration?

We have helped clients integrate FileMaker systems with Accounting Systems, Web APIs, ERPs, from providing login portals for your customers to pushing or pulling data in real-time with FileMaker.  Eliminate the redundant data entry and reduce the likelihood of errors while better leveraging your intellectual capital.

Samples of the type of work we commonly do for customers.

  • Build a portal for clients to login and access data that is Self Servicing
  • Share company data over an intranet. (The browser is the platform everyone understands.)
  • Integrations for Salesforce, EDI, Amazon, eBay, Credit card processing, Address verification, Google apps, UPS, FebEx, or provide your own web service for others to query your FileMaker database.
  • Accounting integration with QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, MAS / Sage, AvaTax.
  • Custom Web Publishing programming using Restful APIs, PHP, JSON, CDML, Lasso, and XML.
  • FileMaker WebDirect for web browser deployment.

Taking your data to the web can be a challenging task, but we have helped many clients with it and we’d love to help you streamline your business with your integration project.

If you’re ready to integrate your FileMaker Pro database with the web, contact us to talk about building an automated self-servicing system.