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Claris Studio One platform to connect them all.

What is Claris Studio?

Gain visibility of all your data across your entire business with Claris Studio.

Claris Studio is a web-based, cloud-native development environment that makes it easy to gather, analyze, and manage your data in one place, from anywhere in the world. Claris Studio connects seamlessly to Claris Pro, Claris Go, and Claris Connect for all your business needs.

Bring all your data together in one easy-to-access platform. There are endless ways to customize how you view your data. Let us help you optimize Claris Studio to work the way your business does.

One Login

Your Claris ID allows you to navigate between Claris Studio, Pro, Go, and Connect with just one login- no need to sign in to multiple accounts.

Share Data

Share relevant information and data with only the team members who need it to improve your team’s focus and collaboration.

Real-Time Updates

Your data will update in real-time across the entire Claris platform, so you can make important, data-driven decisions without worrying about outdated information.

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Views allow you to choose how you want to visualize and work with your data to increase visibility and efficiency. These include responsive web forms, spreadsheets, list-details, Kanban boards for project management, and dashboards for actionable data at a glance.


A hub is an organized collection of views that are shared with selected team members. Hubs can be organized by job function, business process, or task. You can share hubs with specific team members and reuse views across multiple hubs.

Our Claris FileMaker Services

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