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FileMaker Managed Services We Manage The Details, You Enjoy The Results

Unleash Innovation with Managed Services

Get immediate access to certified experts and enjoy consistent innovation and support.

DB Services offers managed services plans designed to offer ongoing FileMaker support and improvement. If you’re looking for an expert FileMaker partner to maintain your system regularly and respond to support requests quickly, a managed services plan may be perfect for you.

Our team of certified Claris FileMaker developers will guide and consult you through the development process to achieve your desired outcomes.


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How does Managed Services work?

A managed services contract means our team will take on the responsibility of managing and maintaining your Claris FileMaker application for a monthly fee. You’ll have exclusive access to our certified developers for anything from optimizations, security updates, and support requests. This plan is one of our most popular because it allows customers to better plan expenses and offers them the peace of mind that their system is being taken care of.

What types of work can be done with a Managed Services contract?

Any type of FileMaker support or enhancement can be completed within a managed services contract. Each contract is just as unique as the organization it’s made for; we’ll tailor your contract to you based on your monthly resource expectations and development needs.

Application Enhancements

Enhance your FileMaker system with optimizations and improvements. Managed Services plans facilitate constant innovation and improvement to increase efficiency.

Support Requests

Keep your solution in working order with general support requests. Requests can be submitted online and prioritized by importance.

Priority Emergency Support

Guaranteed same-day response time between 9am and 5pm ET. Emergency support is immediately prioritized over current work to ensure you stay operational.

Direct Access

Includes direct access to certified Claris FileMaker developers for support requests. All development team members will have a direct phone and email provided.

Business Process Consulting

One of our Business Process Consultants will analyze your existing workflows and recommend improvement solutions.

Reduce Technical Debt

We frequently run technical analyses and identify errors, unused layouts, fields, scripts to ensure a robust and optimal application.

UI/UX Consulting

Improve the user experience of your FileMaker application with recommendations from our UI/UX consultants.

Licensing Discount

Our Licensing Specialists will meet with you to discuss the best licensing options. As the largest Official Reseller of FileMaker, we provide additional discounts for licensing, including nonprofit/education discounts.

Customer Portal

Get access to our customer portal, DB Central, where you can easily access information like recent invoices, payments, and W-9s.

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