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Surveys for Success: Team Rubicon

The Surveys for Success program by DB Services will provide donations to Team Rubicon for every survey received during Q4 of 2021. Team Rubicon Disaster Response utilizes the skills and experience of military veterans to assist communities in times of crisis and is currently managing the donations for Afghan refugees at military bases across the United States.
Leah Bass  /  News  /  October 18th, 2021

Salesforce Winter '22 Release Highlights

With fall now upon us, the weather is cooling, the leaves are changing, and the Salesforce Winter '22 Release is here! Chock-full of impressive new features and improvements, the Winter '22 Release gives users and developers many reasons to rejoice.
Joshua Pereira  /  Salesforce  /  October 4th, 2021

Linux FileMaker Server for Ubuntu

As Claris FileMaker continues to expand and update its product line, Linux compatibility was a welcomed change. This guide will outline how to install FileMaker Server on a machine running Ubuntu. Includes video and demo file.
Patrick Evans  /  FileMakerFree Downloads  /  September 17th, 2021

FM Quickstart 22

FM Quickstart, the premier free ERP app for FileMaker, has been updated for the latest version of FileMaker. Several new features have been added including Leads and Opportunities modules, QuickBooks Online Integration, iPhone functionality, and more. Includes demo videos.
Kiyan Allaei  /  FileMakerFree DownloadsMobile  /  September 3rd, 2021

Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation

Salesforce Service Cloud offers a long list of powerful tools to help you realize the potential of your service team. With the endless opportunities for customization, you may be wondering, “Where do I begin?” This guide will provide you an overview of the information you will need to build a successful Service Cloud implementation.
Joshua Pereira  /  Salesforce  /  August 26th, 2021

Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation

There are many things to take into consideration when developing and deploying a Salesforce Sales Cloud implementation that will take your business to the next level. In this article, we go over all of the basic information you’ll need to know to get a jump start on your Salesforce journey and get you set up on the right path to success with Salesforce.
Kevin Boehle  /  Salesforce  /  July 28th, 2021

Surveys for Success: Society of St. Vincent de Paul-Indianapolis

The Surveys for Success program by DB Services will provide donations to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul-Indianapolis for every survey received during Q3 of 2021. The Society of St. Vincent de Paul-Indianapolis strives to meet the immediate basic physical needs of the most vulnerable in our communities by providing food, clothing, transportation, shelter and, ultimately, sustainable paths out of poverty.
Leah Bass  /  News  /  July 13th, 2021

Claris FileMaker 19.3 Overview

Claris' 19.3 release of the FileMaker platform is out! In this article, we will discuss our favorite new features including native support for Apple Silicon, leveraging Microsoft Edge, and FileMaker Cloud-native script schedules!
Michael Westendorf  /  FileMakerNews  /  June 23rd, 2021

Saving Journey History in Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud's ability to set your contacts on a marketing journey that you can track over a 30-day period is a powerful marketing tool. But some organizations find they need more than 30 days of journey history data. We explore how to leverage Marketing Cloud REST API and its automations to save all the journey history data for your organization. Includes a video and sample file.
Nathan Kiefer  /  SalesforceFree Downloads  /  June 18th, 2021

Salesforce Summer ’21 Release Highlights

It’s time for Salesforce’s Summer ’21 Release! Salesforce has once again built a bunch of new features and improvements, such as the new Einstein Search enhancements and public cloud's Intelligent Document Automation, to ensure we have the tools to customize our Salesforce products to fit our needs.
Kevin Boehle  /  Salesforce  /  June 4th, 2021

FileMaker® Formstack Integration

Formstack takes your FileMaker® data collection to the next level! Formstack can automate document creation, collect secure signatures, and drive your data collection with astonishingly customizable forms. Our integration guide includes a video and sample files to get you started!
Andy Bowerman  /  FileMakerFree Downloads  /  June 1st, 2021

Getting Started with Claris FileMaker®

If you're new to FileMaker® and don't know where to start, you're in luck! We've been working with FileMaker since 2003 on hundreds of projects, and we want to share our expertise with beginners like you. This collection of resources will help you get started building custom FileMaker Apps today.
Maria Mark  /  FileMaker  /  April 30th, 2021

Surveys For Success: Global Spine Outreach

DB Services is continuing the Surveys for Success program by donating to Global Spine Outreach for every customer survey received. The Surveys for Success program chooses a non-profit organization each quarter, and for each survey received during this time, $25 is donated to the chosen organization. Global Spine Outreach provides spinal surgeries to underprivileged children around the world.
Leah Bass  /  News  /  April 22nd, 2021

MuleSoft Composer for Salesforce

MuleSoft Composer for Salesforce is the fastest and easiest way for non-developers to connect third-party applications and data to Salesforce using clicks, not code. No more waiting for developer resources for urgent, high-priority projects; MuleSoft Composer empowers you to build and integrate quickly, without ever leaving Salesforce.
Maria Mark  /  Salesforce  /  April 13th, 2021

FileMaker PandaDoc Integration

Sometimes you need to send a document to be signed virtually. Integrating PandaDoc with your FileMaker solution makes this an easy task. PandaDoc has a robust API that allows you to create, send, and receive documents digitally using the functionality of your FileMaker system to manage the process. This guide will show you how you can begin sending documents. Includes a video and sample file.
Isaac Harris  /  FileMakerFree Downloads  /  April 6th, 2021

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"We were actually able to add more features than we thought would be possible within our budget. We always experienced a ‘can do’ attitude and DB Services was incredibly patient and easy to work with."
Courtney Hartman
Art Director
"The new FileMaker custom website interface is very user-friendly and easy to follow for our clients. In addition, it is much faster than the old Instant Web Publishing (IWP) interface. Thank you and all the others who have helped us out at DB Services. I am very grateful for the excellent service you provide us. Its nice to know we can call you for help if we have an issue."
Wayne Capek
"We needed a solution that would simplify the administration of our responsibilities under our contract with the State of Indiana. We have seen a dramatic increase across the state in the number of potential foster and adoptive parents that have begun the preparation and training process. This increase has resulted in a significant opportunity for children available for adoption. That’s a big win for everyone! And it’s all because we can refer potential parents to the proper state contacts efficiently and quickly."
Chris Morrison
Executive Director
"Thank you for all of your expertise and valuable help. I am so grateful to have found DB Services."
Linda Findlay
"Thank you for our new database system. We transitioned from a carbon copy paper based system to a digital database. The software has saved us time and money. We used to archive all our jobs in cabinets, now we can look up a job in seconds from anywhere. The software allows us to easily email estimates to our customers in pdf format. In a year there was a return on investment just from eliminating the purchasing of our carbon forms."
Todd Cartmel
"The new system allows us to create and track jobs for customers along with inventory, something we had been doing with separate word and spreadsheet files. Because it’s now so intuitive, new staff members are able to begin using the database immediately without our usual training session and ‘cheat sheets’ for getting around within the file."
Tom Andrews