Our process is built around you, just like your software should be.

Our Development Process

Our development process has been honed over the years to keep you involved with the development of your new software every step of the way.

Phase III: System Design

Understanding your business, processes, and how your system works is critical to developing and designing a successful solution for you. In the System Design phase, we lay the foundation of your software through meetings with you and your team. The meetings take place either online or at your workplace, depending on your location and availability. During the meetings, we’ll watch you perform specific tasks on your system, dig deeper into system functionality, and comb through the finer points of the project.

From our findings, we construct an Entity Relationship Diagram to define the foundation and floor plan of your software. At the conclusion of this phase, clients often remark about the great value of having a neutral 3rd party observe their business processes and offer streamlined solutions.

Together, we can design a unique solution that works for you. Contact us to get started on your system design.