FileMaker Training

We provide various in-person and web-based FileMaker training courses for people of all skill sets. Learn how to work on your FileMaker database so it works better for you!

FileMaker Developer Basics Course

Are you new to FileMaker and need to learn how to create your own custom office or mobile application to meet your specific needs? Then this one-day course is right for you! This class walks you through lessons such as working with layouts, creating interfaces and building reports, introductions to calculations, scripting and security. The first part of the class focuses on how to properly plan out building a custom application and then the second half provides you the necessary tools and techniques to actually build a custom app. This course is a great preliminary course to take before going through our three-day FileMaker Bootcamp.

The cost is $500 per person. Register for the FileMaker Developer Basics Course, this class is available in person or live web based.

FileMaker Developer Boot Camp

filemaker-business-alliance-trainerThe FileMaker Developer Boot Camp is a three-day training class focused around being an awesome developer. This course is for both aspiring and seasoned developers who are preparing for the FileMaker Certification. Focusing on the FileMaker Training Series Advanced along with expert tips, you can expect to take your skills to the next level with this course.

Day 1 – Data Modeling & Calculations
Day 2 – Interface
Day 3 – Scripting & Reporting

The cost is $1,500 per person for all three days of training OR $700 per individual day. Register for the FileMaker Developer Boot Camp, this class is available in person or live web based.

FileMaker Coaching

We provide 1-on-1 FileMaker instruction based on your needs by utilizing online tools such as GoToMeeting to collaborate in real time over the Internet. This is great for both the people managing FileMaker applications internally and Professional Developers looking for specific assistance or to expand your FileMaker knowledge. Bring your punch list with you to every meeting and we will help guide you to the best solution for your design challenges and application development needs. Contact us to discuss further your FileMaker coaching needs.

Custom Onsite Training

Do you have a unique training situation or have a large group of employees to train? We can come to you for custom onsite training, tailored to your needs! Contact us to discuss further your FileMaker training needs.

Upcoming Cincinnati Schedule

FileMaker Boot Camp

Tues. March 12th-14th – 9am-4pm EST- Sign Up
Tues. May 14th-16th – 9am-4pm EST- Sign Up
Tues. July 16th-18th – 9am-4pm EST- Sign Up

Cincinnati Training Facility Location

2830 Mack Road
Fairfield, OH 45014

Upcoming Indianapolis Schedule

FileMaker Developer Basics Course

Tues. April 16th – 9am-4pm EST – Sign Up
Tues. June 11th – 9am-4pm EST – Sign Up
Tues. August 13th – 9am-4pm EST – Sign Up

Indianapolis Training Facility Location

8604 Allisonville Road
Suite 380
Indianapolis, IN 46250