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Jacqueline Doe

Customer Success Manager

jacqueline doe headshot.

Jacqueline is a dedicated Customer Success Manager with an unwavering commitment to creating meaningful connections and making a positive impact on people’s lives. With her friendly demeanor and warm personality, she builds rapport and establishes genuine relationships with clients and colleagues alike, allowing her to provide not only solutions but also a sense of understanding and support. 

Jacqueline graduated from University of the People with a B.S. in Computer Science. She gained valuable customer service experience working in sales and account management, and eventually transitioned into more customer success-focused roles.

Jacqueline enjoys fundraising, event planning, McDonald’s Diet Coke, and spa days. No matter who she encounters, her goal is to make their day- whether it’s making their day a little easier or just making them laugh.

As a Customer Success Manager here at DB Services, Jacqueline nurtures relationships with clients and identifies opportunities for growth. She conducts business reviews, communicates with key executives and other decision-makers, and ensures customer satisfaction.

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