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Joshua Law

Application Developer

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Joshua is an outgoing and energetic Salesforce developer who delights in working towards challenging goals. He has a passion for making genuine connections with people and getting results by pushing himself and inspiring others to take action and seek exciting breakthroughs.

Joshua received a Mathematics Education degree from Franklin College and a Master’s in Education from Indiana Wesleyan University. He taught high school math and led a computer science program for 7 years, winning several awards including the State of Indiana Award for Excellence and Teacher of the Year. After 15 years in education, he decided to apply his expertise to a career in software development.

Outside of work, Joshua enjoys gaming. He has started two gaming communities and partnered with a gaming server where he makes custom content for Minecraft and Valheim. He also enjoys hiking.

As an Application Developer, Joshua plays a crucial role in designing, developing, and maintaining applications that are tailored to clients’ needs. He works closely with clients to understand project requirements, write code, and test for issues while prioritizing security and performance optimization. 

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