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FileMaker Go Touch ID & 3D Touch

FileMaker Go 15 incorporates many features new to iOS such as Touch ID and 3D Touch. These features add even more security and convenience to FileMaker Go by allowing more options to manage your keychain and Quick Actions to open files without needing to open Go first. Below we will dive into the details of these useful new features.

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Touch ID

FileMaker Go 15 Touch ID

Adding an extra layer of security on top of Appleā€™s iCloud Keychain, Touch ID can be enabled for solutions that have their login credentials saved in Keychain, enabling biometric authentication for your most important solFileMaker Pro 15 File Optionsutions. For mobile devices without a Touch ID sensor, you will prompted for your device passcode instead of your fingerprint, allowing the same added security for your solutions.

For each solution, an option may be enabled on the FileMaker Pro side to require the device to have a passcode enabled before it stores the password for the solution in iCloud Keychain.

FileMaker Go also now includes Touch ID and passcode protection for your keychain entries. Press the cog icon at the top right of the Launch Center, then select Manage Keychain. If you have entries that require an iOS passcode, it will prompt you to use your fingerprint or passcode to see the entries. If you select Cancel or do not have a passcode, FileMaker Go hides those entries that require a passcode.

FileMaker Go 15 3D Touch Menu3D Touch

FileMaker Go 15 adds Quick Actions to its list of new features, enabling solutions frequently used to be conveniently opened from a shortcut menu on the home screen. Accessing your FileMaker solution has never been easier or faster with a single press.


Touch ID & 3D Touch integration with FileMaker Go 15 makes FileMaker Go more convenient and secure than ever through the use of Touch ID to access your keychain and 3D Touch to evoke Quick Actions on the home screen. These are some of the many new useful features that come with the latest release of the FileMaker platform.

If you need help integrating Touch ID & 3D Touch to extend your FileMaker Go solution, contact us and let's talk about what we can accomplish together.

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