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FileMaker Licensing for Teams

Right when you thought you knew all 500+ SKUs available for FileMaker licenses, FileMaker changes the landscape again by adding FileMaker Licensing for Teams, or FLT for short. FLT brings simplicity to the FileMaker licensing platform and is the norm in the software industry. FileMaker found that 2 out of every 3 FileMaker prospects use 3 or more devices for business so now they only have to purchase 1 user license. The new FLT option gives FileMaker a new look to licensing, a user model instead of a hybrid of desktop users and mobile / web concurrency licensing.

FLT is basically licensing at the FileMaker Server. The way FLT works is you purchase FileMaker Server (which you should always have with any team of users) and you purchase the number of FileMaker users starting at 5 licenses and going up to 100 or more. FLT licenses includes FileMaker Go, FileMaker WebDirect and FileMaker Pro. Note: FileMaker Pro Advanced is not included in FLT and would need to be purchased separately. The main difference with FileMaker Pro with FLT is that it HAS to be connected to FileMaker Server. This means you can’t use a local copy to build out a solution until it has connected to a server first, more reason to get FileMaker Pro Advanced for your development long term.

What does this mean for existing FileMaker customers on traditional licenses such as Volume Licenses (AVLA, VLA), Site License (ASLA, SLA) and individual licenses? Nothing, the existing license programs are unchanged and you can continue to add licenses and renew your licenses in those programs. HOWEVER, if you are adding concurrency licenses to your existing server licenses, they will be 3x FLT pricing, UNLESS you already have 5 or more connections and you can continue to add concurrent connections until May of 2018. This makes it clear that FileMaker is encouraging the new option of FileMaker licensing with FLT by being the default option for the FileMaker Store moving forward, and going away from the concurrency model, but allowing the existing user base to ease into the change.


  • FileMaker provides a new option of licenses that is based on per user, instead of per device.

  • User based licensing simplifies the purchasing process and becomes more in line with the industry.

  • Existing AVLA, VLA, ASLA, SLA and individual licenses goes unchanged EXCEPT for adding concurrent connections to server, which is 3x the cost as they are moving away from that pricing model, unless you already have 5 or more connections on your FileMaker Server. Renewing concurrent connections will be unchanged until May 2018.

  • The pricing for FLT is the same as the most popular AVLA.

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