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Eli Lilly Goes International with FileMaker Pro

Eli Lilly uses FileMaker for forecasting and scheduling Clinical Trial Materials (CT Metrics). They needed a system upgrade and help consolidating their North American and European operations into one smooth system. Over the course of three phases, we worked with their IT staff to upgrade their system, re-design the workflow, and improve individual task management.

The Challenge

Faced with deadlines to upgrade and integrate FileMaker Pro with their Belgium office, results were needed quickly. When we were contacted, the development had already been started and an IT consulting firm reached out to us to complete the project.

The Solution

Working on-site with a team of developers, DB Services integrated the system across offices on two continents, upgraded their system, re-designed the workflow, and improved task management. A key feature we implemented is the ability to forecast each task based upon the forecasting model chosen and assigning the tasks to the department’s calendar.

The Results

The new system gives Lilly greater transparency between offices than ever before. This helps to improve communication, minimize system-wide inefficiencies, and ensure on-time delivery of materials.

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