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Intermountain Food Equipment, Inc. Merges Salesforce Environments After Acquisition

Intermountain Food Equipment, Inc. is a manufacturer representative agency for the commercial food industry that’s focused on the future of food service. In 2019, Intermountain purchased Courtney Marketing and needed a simple way to keep track of data and processes with the companies’ two different Salesforce environments. They needed a Salesforce environment that would consolidate all the data from both companies and standardize their processes. DB Services got to work and merged the two Salesforce environments into one, making it simple for Intermountain to access all their data and manage their sales process in one location.

The Challenge

Intermountain had just purchased a new company with a separate Salesforce org. Each company's data was separate, and their processes were different. They needed to merge their Salesforce instances together to consolidate all their data and standardize their processes in one centralized location. 

The Solution

Using a methodical approach, DB Services created a solution for Intermountain by merging the two companies’ Salesforce orgs together to create a master org. The team at DB Services had a tight timeline, but was able to migrate the data and remap data flows so the company’s processes were streamlined. Customer history and reports were now accessible across the system. 

The Results

This simple but effective consolidation meant contacts from both companies were now in the same system and Intermountain was able to manage their sales process in one, convenient location. It also meant that the processes of both companies were now standardized, improving efficiency and simplifying their workflow. This also eliminated redundancies within the system and made it cleaner and easier to work with. 

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