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Jackson Systems, LLC Chooses Custom Tableau CRM Implementation

Jackson Systems, LLC is a family of companies that service the HVAC market whose mission is to provide the best quality and most contractor-friendly products and services in the industry. They made the decision to purchase Salesforce Tableau CRM because of its one-of-a-kind CRM and reporting capabilities. Jackson Systems needed a simple way to drill down into data about their sales process, customers, and growth. After a frustrating and unsuccessful implementation with a different Salesforce partner, they contacted DB Services, who was ready to make Tableau CRM work for them. DB Services collaborated with Jackson Systems to implement a customized Salesforce implementation that allowed them to create and view reports on what matters most to their business.

The Challenge

Jackson Systems was looking for an efficient way to track and view specific reports and analytics on valuable metrics like sales goals, customer churn, product mix, growth, and more. They were missing out on data-driven insights that were of tremendous value to their business because they did not have a Salesforce implementation that worked for them.

The Solution

DB Services created a custom implementation of Tableau CRM to provide the reporting that Jackson Systems needed by building them a unique set of dashboards that were easily accessible and digestible for all users. The DB Services team took the time to dig deep into each business process, extract what Jackson Systems was truly trying to accomplish, and collaborate with them to ensure that those deeper-level questions were answered and a solution was found. One of the largest parts of the project was building a customized way to view the reports based on the number of business days rather than by a date range.

“We started the project with an idea and list of reports and ended the project with a whole suite of solutions that were much more in-depth, interactive, and useful than the reports we initially thought we wanted. DB Services ensured that we were figuring out the problems, not just creating reports.” Daniel Rohe, Controller at Jackson Systems

The Results

Jackson Systems now has robust sales reporting and analytics capabilities that will drive value for their business. With their new dashboards, their Salesforce implementation is able to provide them with valuable data and insights at their fingertips, saving them time and giving their sales team tools to better understand and evaluate their performance. Their Director of Sales praised the results of the project, saying, “I've worked at four different companies with multiple CRMs, and this is the best and most helpful reporting I've seen." It also helped them to streamline their onboarding processes for new employees.

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