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United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County Implements Salesforce as Single Source of Truth

United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve early childhood care and education. They partner with child development centers in their local community and assist them in meeting quality standards. They needed a more efficient way to manage and analyze their data and be able to share it between centers. After vetting three other Salesforce partners, they chose to go with DB Services because of their realistic approach and their willingness to create a custom solution that worked around their unique processes. DB Services built them a custom Salesforce org that integrated with Formstack to give them a single source of truth and a streamlined way to assess centers.

The Challenge

United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County was using a combination of spreadsheets and physical documents to assess child development centers and allocate resources. They had no way to track any historical data and each center had its own documentation that could not be shared across the organization. They realized they needed a single source of truth for all their data. 

The Solution

DB Services built United Way a Salesforce implementation that served as a single source of truth for the entire organization- no more individual spreadsheets or physical documents located at each center. They also integrated Salesforce with United Way’s existing Formstack configuration to automate child development center assessments to save time and reduce error.

The Results

Now, United Way is able to track data across centers and share that data across the organization. They can view historical data on each center to analyze trends, predict outcomes, and better allocate their resources to the centers that need it most. They have streamlined reporting and automated forms that save time and reduce human error. 

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