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Austen Gren

Application Developer

Austen Gren standing

An accommodating and supportive application developer, Austen places a high degree of value on accuracy and teamwork in producing excellent results for clients. His professional experience in a variety of industries contributes to his ability to design solutions that are practical as well as creative.

Upon graduating from Ball State University with a B.S. degree in Entrepreneurship, Austen worked in financial services, real estate, and business consulting, often serving as a technical team lead in addition to his other official duties. His lifelong passion for technology served as the motivation to deepen his coding expertise at the Eleven Fifty Academy, where he recently completed an accelerated intensive technical curriculum.

In his off hours, Austen is most likely to be found doing something fun with his kids. Amusement parks and movies are among the favorite group outings in the Gren household. Outside the realm of family activities, Austen also enjoys playing the drums.

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