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Kaz McLamore

Senior Application Developer

Kaz McLamore standing

Andrew “Kaz” McLamore is a Certified FileMaker developer who has a passion for creating innovative FileMaker solutions for his clients. He excels at analyzing workflow and business systems and designing applications to meet client needs and expectations. Not only is he committed to going the extra mile in whatever he undertakes, he does it with focus, energy, and an upbeat attitude.

Graduating with a bachelor’s degree from Carleton College and a major in Studio Art, Kaz’s studies also included a broader range of coursework in such areas as Computer Science, Economics, and Advanced Japanese. In addition to his formal education, Kaz continues to focus on self-development and seeks new learning opportunities whenever possible.

Kaz spends his time outside the office on a variety of interests. In addition to his fascination with FileMaker, he pushes himself to continue developing technical expertise in other technologies. Once he shuts down the computer for the day, he could easily be found honing his martial arts practice, refurbishing a property, or playing a competitive game of Battlefield.

Recent Blog Posts

"We were actually able to add more features than we thought would be possible within our budget. We always experienced a ‘can do’ attitude and DB Services was incredibly patient and easy to work with."
Courtney Hartman
Art Director
"The new FileMaker custom website interface is very user-friendly and easy to follow for our clients. In addition, it is much faster than the old Instant Web Publishing (IWP) interface. Thank you and all the others who have helped us out at DB Services. I am very grateful for the excellent service you provide us. Its nice to know we can call you for help if we have an issue."
Wayne Capek
"We needed a solution that would simplify the administration of our responsibilities under our contract with the State of Indiana. We have seen a dramatic increase across the state in the number of potential foster and adoptive parents that have begun the preparation and training process. This increase has resulted in a significant opportunity for children available for adoption. That’s a big win for everyone! And it’s all because we can refer potential parents to the proper state contacts efficiently and quickly."
Chris Morrison
Executive Director
"Thank you for all of your expertise and valuable help. I am so grateful to have found DB Services."
Linda Findlay
"Thank you for our new database system. We transitioned from a carbon copy paper based system to a digital database. The software has saved us time and money. We used to archive all our jobs in cabinets, now we can look up a job in seconds from anywhere. The software allows us to easily email estimates to our customers in pdf format. In a year there was a return on investment just from eliminating the purchasing of our carbon forms."
Todd Cartmel
"The new system allows us to create and track jobs for customers along with inventory, something we had been doing with separate word and spreadsheet files. Because it’s now so intuitive, new staff members are able to begin using the database immediately without our usual training session and ‘cheat sheets’ for getting around within the file."
Tom Andrews