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Mariia Pashynska

Application Developer

Mariia Pashynska standing

Mariia is a friendly, outgoing developer who enjoys collaborating to provide high-quality solutions for clients in a timely manner. She is always willing to learn a new skill to help co-workers and clients reach their full potential.

Before obtaining her B.S. in Computer Science at Nova Community College, Mariia studied Computer Science at the National Aviation University of Ukraine. She gained valuable experience as a Software Engineer and even served as a Java mentor during college. She is skilled in working with FileMaker, JavaScript, Bootstrap, PHP, Amazon Web Services, XML, NodeJS, and more, rendering her an invaluable asset to the DB Services team.

When Mariia isn’t busy learning about the newest developments in FileMaker and web, you can find her hanging out with friends or enjoying nature while hiking or camping. 

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