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Claris FileMaker Pro 19.1 Overview

Claris's first agile release of the low code FileMaker platform is here! We're excited to have new features between major versions of the platform and this release is a testament to Claris's focus on being agile into the future.

In this article we will focus on Claris FileMaker Pro 19.1 and discuss some of our favorite new features including 9 new add-ons and the new layout design experience preview. As always, Claris FileMaker continues to be the leader in Workplace Innovation Platforms.

What’s New?

  • FileMaker Pro now comes with 9 new add-ons including calendar, Kanban board, and photo gallery. There is also a preview version of the new layout design experience available to FileMaker Pro users on Mac.

  • Add-ons are now available on the Claris Marketplace!

  • FileMaker Developer Subscription (FDS) is free through December 31, 2020.

  • We anticipate 3 releases per year of the FileMaker platform.

Claris FileMaker Pro 19

The FileMaker platform's desktop client and development environment comes with a handful of new add-ons, the ability to create your own add-ons and a preview of the new layout design experience.

Javascript Add-Ons

There are a new set of Javascript add-ons that you can drag and drop into your custom FileMaker app. These add-ons run in a web viewer and take advantage of 19's tighter JavaScript integration:

  • Calendar

  • Kanban Board

  • Photo Gallery

  • Rich Text Editor

  • Activity Timeline

  • Barcode Creator

  • Calendar Heat Map

  • Simple Chart

  • Timer

FileMaker 19 Javascript Integrations.

Creating FileMaker Add-Ons

Creating FileMaker add-ons is now officially released! With this ability, developers can package a set of features together and distribute them to other FileMaker apps. Using the Save a Copy as Add-On Package" script step, developers can create .fmaddon files that they can send to others, including submitting to the Claris Marketplace to distribute to the community at large.

FileMaker Add-On File.

Add-Ons on Claris Marketplace

Developers can now distribute their add-ons on the Claris Marketplace! To submit a new add-on to the Marketplace, developers should follow the Product Submission & Marketplace Listing Guide published by Claris. Requirements include links to documentation about the add-on and a video walkthrough.

New Layout Design Experience (Preview, Mac Only)

Claris is developing a new layout design experience and has included a preview version of this experience for FileMaker Pro users on Mac. To test the preview, create a new blank file using FileMaker Pro on Mac. This experience will help make building apps even easier in the Claris FileMaker platform.

FileMaker New Layout Design Experience.


The Claris FileMaker platform continues to solidify its position as a leader in creating innovative workplace custom apps that work seamlessly across desktop, mobile and web. FileMaker Pro 19.1 is a great first release of the more frequent release cycle and has features both developers and end users can benefit from. We look forward to helping you build custom applications using the new functionality available in 19.1. Contact DB Services at any time if you have questions or needs with Claris FileMaker!

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