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Claris FileMaker Pro 20.3 Overview

claris filemaker pro 20.3.

FileMaker Pro 20.3: What's New?

  • Loop script step enhancements: Flush option

  • Layout calculation updates

  • FMDeveloperTool command-line tool

  • Secure connection tunneling

Loop Script Step Enhancements

The Loop script step now includes a new Flush option that allows you to dictate when relationships are updated within a loop. The Flush option has three available values:

  • Always: Flushes the relationship and join data within the loop

  • Minimum: Flushes minimal data when setting a field within a loop

  • Defer: Flushes data and relationship data only after exiting the loop

Layout Calculations

Layout calculations receive a boost with the ability to specify the data type for the result in the Specify Calculation dialog, increasing the accuracy of data.

In response to user feedback, references to fields in the current table occurrence within layout calculations now require only the field name, simplifying the development process.

FMDeveloperTool Command-Line Tool

Scripted deployments are now easier than ever with this new tool. This feature is especially useful in Linux deployments of FileMaker Server where a GUI interface is not available. Functions include:

  • Enabling and removing file encryption

  • Removing admin access

  • Saving a copy (either compressed/self-contained or as XML)

  • Making a clone

  • Recovering a damaged file

  • Consistency checking a file

  • Enabling Kiosk mode

Secure Connection Tunneling

The option to enable secure connection tunneling over port 443, deviating from the conventional port 5003, is a leap in flexibility and security. This enhancement is applicable to both FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server for Linux, providing users with more choices for configuring HTTPS tunneling

Other Updates

Get(NetworkProtocol) Function Update

When HTTPS tunneling is enabled, it now returns "HTTPS," providing developers with a quick and efficient way to determine the protocol status.

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OmniOrb Upgrade

FileMaker Pro now incorporates the latest version of OmniOrb (4.3.0), enhancing compatibility and performance.

Performance Optimization

The database engine now takes a more strategic approach to performance optimization. Relationships are now cached to facilitate the evaluation of dependencies, ensuring smoother and faster operations.

Optimized memory allocation is introduced, specifically tailored for relationship changes, contributing to a more streamlined development experience.


FileMaker Pro 20.3 delivers a robust, feature-rich, and user-friendly platform that we're excited to use. Developers and users alike can benefit from these new features and updates. Let's embrace the future of low-code development with Claris FileMaker Pro 20.3!

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