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Claris FileMaker Server 20.3 Overview

claris filemaker server 20.2.

The newest update to Claris FileMaker Server has arrived. Claris FileMaker Server 20.3 brings with it a plethora of optimizations and quality-of-life improvements. With updates and improvements in many areas of the system, everyone is sure to benefit from this update. Let's take a look at what this update brings.

What's New?

  • Auto-restart option for persistent cache

  • Java garbage collection on secondary machine

  • Set Error Logging support for WebDirect and Data API

  • Manage admin roles via Admin API

  • Batch database operations for admin roles

  • Data API entry mode option

Auto-Restart Option for Persistent Cache

This feature will enable your server to jump back to action after an unexpected quit or crash. The persistent cache now contains the Server Auto-Restart option, which causes FileMaker Server to attempt to automatically restart the database server when it quits unexpectedly.

Java Garbage Collection on Secondary Machine

The Java garbage collection has gotten an upgrade for multi-machine deployments. Java garbage collection can now be run for secondary machines on the primary machine. Check the settings on Admin Console > Web Publishing page to enable this feature. Each deployed machine has a "Run Garbage Collection Now" button.

Set Error Logging Support for WebDirect and Data API

Web integrations also got an update that will make tracking errors a much better experience. XML output from Save as XML now includes hashes of layout objects and script steps. To enable this feature, go to Admin Console > Logs pane > Log Settings. Once enabled, you can run the Set Error Logging script step via WebDirect and Data API. When this feature is enabled, script errors on these clients will be written to fmdapiScriptErrors.log or wpeScriptErrors.log, indicating the session identifier "@" where the error occurred.

Manage Admin Roles via Admin API

Administrator roles can now be managed using the FileMaker Admin API. The /server/adminrole endpoint uses the following methods and their options:

  • GET

  • POST

    • name (required): The name of the newly created admin role

    • password (required): The password (in plain text) for the new admin role

    • homeFolder (required): The main database folder for the new admin role

    • db_pri: privilege for managing privilege

    • sched_pri: privilege for managing schedules

    • sched_backup_pri: When sched_pri is enabled, privilege for managing backup schedules

    • sched_verify_pri: When sched_pri is enabled, privilege for managing verify schedules

    • sched_script_pri: When sched_pri is enabled, privilege for managing script schedules

    • log_pri: privilege for managing and viewing logs

    • xauthgroup: external group


    • name

    • password

    • homeFolder

    • db_pri

    • sched_pri

    • sched_backup_pri

    • sched_verify_pri

    • sched_script_pri

    • log_pri

    • xauthgroup


    • names: a list of admin role names to delete. Each name is a string; specified names are case-insensitive

    • ids: a list of admin role IDs to delete. Each ID is a number

      • Note: Both of these options are supported, but only a single option may be specified per request.

Batch Database Operations for Admin Roles

This update to the Admin Console is a very nice improvement for when you need to update several database files at once. Now, administrators signed in with an administrator role may perform actions on all databases simultaneously instead of only on each individual database.

Data API Entry Mode Option

FileMaker Data API now includes the options["entrymode"] option, which allows you to override the "Allow user to override during data entry" validation option. The possible values include:

  • script: allow a field to ignore data validation rules

  • user: follow the data validation rules (default behavior)


These are some of the highlights that come with Claris FileMaker Server 20.3. As you can see, this update brings a wide variety of improvements for the server that benefit users of FileMaker Server. If you are looking to upgrade your FileMaker server or FileMaker application or have any questions regarding the release of Claris FileMaker Server 20.3, please contact us for more info to get the most out of Claris FileMaker.

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