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FileMaker Layout Objects Window

The Layout Objects window is an exciting feature as of FileMaker 16. The FileMaker Layout Object Window allows you to work with stacked objects and quickly find an object or field on a layout. Let's take a look.


Working with Stacked Objects

Here's how stacked objects display on the Layout Objects window. I have selected these objects by dragging and selecting in this case, but you could also group all stacked objects together and give it a unique name to be able to search by object name.

FileMaker Layout Objects Window

Note that selected objects are highlighted on the window. You can hide all other objects in the layout to concentrate on selected objects.

FileMaker Layout Objects Window Hide Others

And using the new window, you can:

  • Navigate through each object layer

  • Manipulate object stack order by drag-and-drop

  • Apply conditional formatting

  • Set script triggers

FileMaker Layout Objects Window Stacked ObjectsFileMaker Layout Objects Window Set Field

Object Search

Using the Layout Objects window, you can zero in on a specific object by:

  • Looking for the object name or field name using the search box

  • Filtering by object type or

  • Using hiding options. Objects hidden using this option will remain hidden after you exit and re-enter layout mode, but will reset once you exit FileMaker Pro.

FileMaker Layout Objects Window Search BoxFileMaker Layout Objects Window Filter Options FileMaker Layout Objects Window Object Options

Your screen will automatically scroll to the newly selected object if necessary.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • You can set object names efficiently using the Layout Objects window.

  • You cannot specify the name of a tab control or slide control, but you can name their individual panels.

  • You cannot use the Layout Objects window to hide or reorder panels in the tab control or slide control.

  • You cannot move or resize each grouped object's layer individually.

  • You can use search box and filter option simultaneously.


The Layout Objects window has made object organization easier and faster. This new feature will especially shine when working with stacked objects or finding instances of a field or object on a layout. Please contact us if you need further assistance taking advantage of the Layout Objects window or any of the other new features in FileMaker 16.

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