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FileMaker Navigation Parts

With its newest release, FileMaker has given developers the opportunity to create solutions with a refined, polished look, while simultaneously providing new, much-needed functionality. One way it does this is through two new layout parts, called “Top Navigation” and “Bottom Navigation”, providing layout parts that can be fixed to the top and bottom of the screen and parts that don’t move when scrolling or zooming.

FileMaker 14 Navigation Bar Setup

What are they?

While having fixed layout parts was possible in previous versions of FileMaker in List view using headers and footers, nothing was available for Form view, as the header would disappear when scrolling or zooming and the footer would only be visible once you reached the bottom of the screen. Now, for example, FileMaker Go solutions can become much more like native application navigation by always allowing users access to the navigation. Normal FileMaker solutions receive the same benefit, providing navigation similar to web applications users are experienced with. Combining these layout parts with another new feature, the FileMaker Button Bar, creates a method for navigation that is much easier to implement than previous methods like grouping individual buttons together in the layout header.

FileMaker 14 Navigation Bar Unscrolled

A Navigation bar still at the top of the screen after scrolling down.

FileMaker 14 Navigation Bar Scrolled Down

How do we add them?

Top and bottom navigation can be added through the “part setup” section of the layouts menu. If you are using a Top Navigation part, it will be the upper-most part and cannot be moved. A bottom navigation part will be the bottom-most part and also cannot be moved. Outside of their obvious purposes of navigation, these layout parts can be used for anything the developer wants the user to see at all times.

FileMaker 14 Navigation Bar Part Definition


The addition of these new navigation parts is exciting news for both FileMaker developers and users, as it means easier to design and easier to use solutions. We at DB Services can’t wait to put them into action! If you'd like help taking advantage of this new functionality, contact us at DB Services.

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