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Surveys for Success: LifeMoves

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DB Services has chosen to support LifeMoves in Quarter 4 of 2023 with our Surveys for Success program. LifeMoves' mission is to end homelessness by providing interim housing and supportive services and building collaborative partnerships. The Surveys for Success program is our way of saying thank you for our customers' valuable feedback by paying it forward to those in need.

LifeMoves has been providing support services and interim housing to families and individuals for over 40 years, with impressive results. In 2022 alone, they provided 288,000 shelter nights and helped 2,100 clients return to stable housing. Every LifeMoves client receives case management to develop their unique path forward. This process has led 82% of families and 65% of ALL clients to find stable housing after engaging in support services.

Adaptability, Client-centered, Collaboration, Diversity, Integrity, and Respect - these are the values that LifeMoves stands by to support their mission of ending homelessness. Services for veterans are also provided, including private apartment homes and short-term accommodations for those who come from out of town to receive care at the local veteran's hospital. New interim shelters are currently in the works for families and individuals, providing safe, cost-effective, and private rooms along with support services to help clients get back on their feet and into stable housing.

Each customer survey we receive is an additional donation towards LifeMoves. Your feedback will not only help our team at DB Services, but also provide LifeMoves with donations to further their important mission. Together, we can help support those in need of stable homes!

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Leah Bass

Leah is accommodating, efficient, and committed to helping others – a winning combination for an Administrative Assistant in a fast-paced technical environment where staff and client needs converge. She continually strives for service excellence and thrives on developing strong relationships in her efforts to help others achieve their objectives.