FileMaker Hosting

Ideal for customers who want to share their FileMaker application from the cloud.

DB Services Managed Cloud

DB Services Cloud is leveraged through Amazon Web Services (AWS) for customers who want to implement fast and secure world-class enterprise server infrastructure. You will be able to manage the server remotely, get full access to the FileMaker Server console, ability to install third party products, Server-Side Scripts, DSN External Data Sources, and server monitoring. You will be able to have your server deployed in less than an hour!

Customers typically chose DB Services Managed Cloud over FileMaker Cloud as they save money and get expertise from Claris Certified professionals. Please contact us to discuss deploying your FileMaker Server in the cloud.

FileMaker Cloud

FileMaker Cloud and FileMaker Cloud Essentials licensing include FileMaker Cloud hosting as part of its annual price. Both include quick setup, 24/7 support, SSL certificate renewal, and encryption by Claris. The Cloud Essentials product is limited to a small instance for between 5-10 users. If you are new to FileMaker or if you’d like to avoid managing your own server, FileMaker Cloud is a great option. Contact us today to get an additional discount on the FileMaker Cloud and FileMaker Cloud Essentials products!

We guarantee the lowest price for FileMaker licensing including FileMaker Cloud licensing. We can help you easily transition to the FileMaker Cloud or contact us to transition from a shared FileMaker Server to the latest FileMaker version.