FileMaker Hosting

Ideal for customers who want to share their FileMaker application from the cloud.

FileMaker Cloud Hosting

For customers who want to leverage fast and secure world-class enterprise server infrastructure quickly. FileMaker Cloud is leveraged through Amazon Web Services (AWS) and you will be able to have your server deployed in less than an hour! You will be able to manage the server remotely, full access to the FileMaker Server console, ability to install third party products, Server-Side Scripts, DSN External Data Sources, and more. We also have other dedicated server options if needed, please contact us to discuss deploying your FileMaker Server.

Servers typically start at around $50/mo and have a one time set up fee.

FileMaker Shared Hosting

As of FileMaker Server 15 shared hosting is no longer allowed as shared hosting violates the EULA (End User License Agreement). Only one customer is allowed to be on a FileMaker Server for security reasons. Moving forward we only offer FileMaker Dedicated Hosting. Talk to us to learn about your options available such as managed or self-service FileMaker Cloud Hosting.

We have unbelievable pricing for FileMaker Server licensing that you may qualify for. Please contact us to discuss how we can easily setup a FileMaker Cloud server or how to transition from a shared FileMaker Server.

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