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AvAudit FileMaker Application Soars to New Heights

After working in the aviation industry for over 30 years, Phillip Fountain had a vision to create a cloud-based audit protocol software. This software would provide aircraft operators, service providers, and safety auditors with an all-in-one application that would make it easy to perform maintenance and audits. Working with DB Services, Fountain released AvAudit, a safety management software application that aligns with International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) and streamlines auditing and safety management processes for all parties involved. Fountain now sells his app to others in the industry so they can benefit from the solutions and benefits AvAudit provides.

The Challenge

When Fountain got involved in aviation safety management in 2004, he realized that pen and paper, and eventually, spreadsheets, weren’t the most efficient or effective way to perform safety audits. The repetition and manual data entry could lead to mistakes and were extremely time-consuming.  He had a vision for a cloud-based software that would utilize automation, eliminate manual data entry, and allow easy access to IS-BAO Audit Protocols. 

The Solution

Fountain, along with the team at DB Services, set out to build an app that met the unique needs of the aviation safety management industry, and AvAudit was born. Since then, DB Services has continued to work with Fountain on maintenance and ongoing improvements. The app serves as a dynamic system where users can check information about protocols, regulations, and requirements that are kept up to date. It also offers optional customizations, like the ability to include or exclude helicopter requirements. Areas to enter comments and questions are built in. 

The Results

AvAudit provides a secure, cloud-based platform for those in the aviation industry. Fountain points out that it saves users incalculable time and resources, eliminating the need for repetitive, manual entry by hand or in a spreadsheet. This also means that there is less room for human error, an invaluable benefit when it comes to aircraft safety. 

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