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Steel Art Company Improves Order Fulfillment Process with Custom FileMaker Go App

Steel Art Company is the premier manufacturer of architectural signage in the industry. They have provided sign professionals with the highest quality custom architectural signage, metal letters, and logotypes since 1952. They were looking for a way to reduce human error during order fulfillment and increase customer satisfaction. Almost all of their customer complaints could be solved by reducing human error and increasing efficiency during the order fulfillment process. DB Services got to work and built a custom iOS app in FileMaker Go that improved quality control and customer satisfaction.

The Challenge

Steel Art Company had begun to notice that a vast majority of their customer complaints were fulfillment-related issues. Since they manufacture steel signage and each order is completely custom, their process is unique, detailed, and complex. They had no way of knowing if there had been a human error during shipping or if parts had gotten lost or damaged after they had been delivered to the customer, and they were spending a lot of money to remedy the complaints. They needed a FileMaker partner who was able to understand their unique process and create a custom solution to improve quality control and reduce human error. 

The Solution

DB Services built a FileMaker Go app that allowed the manufacturing and shipping teams to track which items were being shipped and make sure no parts were missing or damaged. This drastically reduced human error and meant that every shipment was fully documented; if a customer complained about a missing or damaged item, Steel Art Company could now refer back to that documentation to determine whether it was an error on their part or if the item had been damaged or lost after the customer received it. 

“It was like someone plugged a hole in the dam; the problems stopped and we saw immediate improvement and incredible results. DB Services has become a true partner for me that I can see continuing to work with for many years ahead.” 

Greg Miner, COO

The Results

The app resolved around 95% of all Steel Art Company’s customer complaints within 2-3 months. They are now able to access important shipping information and share it with their clients quickly and efficiently, saving them an immense amount of time and tens of thousands of dollars that they had been spending to re-ship damaged or missing parts. These improvements have affected everyone in the company and allowed Steel Art Company to continue to grow and provide their clients with the best possible service.

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