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Greater St. Louis, Inc. Implements a Unified Salesforce Solution

Greater St. Louis, Inc. (GSL) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to drive growth with one voice, one agenda and expand opportunity for all in the bi-state St. Louis MSA. GSL was formed through a merger of five civic organizations, so they inherited two Salesforce systems that did not work together nor meet the needs of the new organization. This resulted in a cumbersome and inefficient process and low adoption of Salesforce by members of the organization. They needed a system that aligned with their processes and fostered trust and collaboration within the organization. DB Services implemented a new, customized Salesforce org that laid the foundation for GSL to more effectively manage numerous aspects of its complex work.

The Challenge

Greater St. Louis, Inc. had an existing bifurcated Salesforce org with data models that didn’t align with how the organization functioned. Because of this, only about 30% of the organization was actively using Salesforce, causing data gaps, reduced trust in the system, and difficulty collaborating. They recognized the need for a solution that would allow them to use Salesforce to its full potential.

The Solution

The DB Services team began with an onsite discovery session to gain an understanding of the organization’s unique needs and challenges. Based on these insights, DB Services implemented a new Salesforce org using the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) and customized the org to better represent GSL’s relationship tracking and data analysis needs. They migrated all data to the new system, ensuring a smooth transition.

The Results

Greater St. Louis now has a 360-degree view of their investors and constituents, allowing them to better understand the needs of their community, effectively work on economic development projects, and gain actionable insights. Almost the entire team is now equipped to utilize Salesforce as the single source of truth for the organization’s contacts, which has eliminated the data gaps and increased trust in the system. This kind of internal information sharing has allowed GSL to better collaborate, especially across teams.

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