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Printing Made Easy in FileMaker Pro at IU Document Service Centers

Their FileMaker system, designed and built by the printing staff, is central to operations: It stores mailing lists, tracks jobs, and is integrated online to receive printing jobs. They came to us in need of ongoing support and an upgrade from FileMaker Server 7 to the latest version of FileMaker Server. With our help, their FileMaker solution continues to run smoothly.

The Challenge

IU Document Service Centers manages approximately 8,000 printing jobs every year. To expedite the printing request and shipping process, they have FileMaker integrated into their website. With that kind of volume, it goes without saying their FileMaker system must work flawlessly and any problem with it must be fixed quickly.

The Solution

To ensure a fast, reliable FileMaker solution, we upgraded IU Document Service Centers from FileMaker 7 to the latest version and worked through a list of problem items accumulated over time. Working with IU’s Technical Support staff, we continue to streamline the FileMaker Pro system to evolve as their business evolves.

The Results

Their FileMaker system is running smoother than ever and anytime a need arises, they know we will solve it within one business day.

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