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PeopleCare Inc. Switches to FileMaker Pro

PeopleCare is a non-profit, volunteer-based organization providing services to those whose age or physical condition limits their mobility. PeopleCare came to us using multiple programs to manage their daily operations, including a custom-built Microsoft Access program, spreadsheets, and paper files. To help solve these issues, we outfitted PeopleCare with a FileMaker system that consolidated their programs into a single, user-friendly location—the type of system where FileMaker shines.

The Challenge

In 1990, PeopleCare started out as a home visitation company for the elderly and continues today as a non-profit providing services to those whose age or physical condition limits their mobility. PeopleCare’s existing system was difficult to use and unable to grow with the organization, but being a non-profit, they needed a high-value, practical database solution.

The Solution

DB Services started with an existing template that gave PeopleCare a high-value starting point. We re-geared the template to provide the functionality of their previous systems in a single location. The final solution included migrating their existing data from Microsoft Access over to FileMaker and the ability to manage their Contacts, Scheduling, Volunteers, and Notes.

The Results

The new system is very user-friendly, allowing volunteers to quickly learn how to use the system, set appointments, and review their schedule. In addition, reports that used to take days now only take minutes. And of course, with FileMaker at the helm, PeopleCare now has a system that can easily grow along with their excellent community service.

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