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FileMaker Server 14

FileMaker Server Connections Renewal Price Increase

When FileMaker 14 came out last year, the price of new users of FileMaker Server for FileMaker Go and WebDirect users increased to be closer in line with the price of FileMaker Pro. Historically FileMaker lets existing customers have a year of transition the new price of licenses.

With that being said, the renewal price for FileMaker Server with FileMaker Go/WebDirect connections will be going up to match the price of new licenses on May 12th 2016. You have the opportunity to lock in a two year or one year renewal for savings at the old price before the price increase officially happens.

For example, if you have a Server with 5 Go/WebDirect connections (AVLA) expiring 10/12/2016 you can renew before May for $648 (retail price, not our price) but, if you renew after May your renewal cost would be $828 (retail price, not our price). The savings is real, and if you have the funds to renew early you should definitely take advantage of it now. Please note: renewing early will not change the date of you contract. Following the above example, if you renewed your licenses before May, your new contract date for a 1 year renewal would be 10/12/2017.


  • FileMaker will be increasing the cost of FileMaker Server with Go/WebDirect connections for renewals on May 12th, 2016.
  • This affects people with FileMaker Server with 5 or more connections.
  • Customers have the opportunity to renew licenses early to save money for the next year or two.


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