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Claris Connect Overview

Claris Connect, the latest product from Claris International, Inc., is a "no-code" platform that allows organizations to quickly connect multiple cloud services together like QuickBooks Online, Box, Gmail, etc. to build high-value business processes. It is the result of Claris' acquisition of Stamplay, an Italian startup that notably won a contest to make the best use of Visa's new APIs. Perhaps the best way to describe Claris Connect comes from Stamplay's cofounder Giuliano Iacobelli, who says it is "LEGO for APIs". In this article, we'll go over some of the "LEGO pieces" that will allow you to build advanced workflows bringing all your apps and data together.

In the following video, we create an advanced Flow that is integrated with FileMaker, FormStack, and Google Calendar (Coming Soon!) all in under 15 minutes.​



Claris has been busy adding services to Claris Connect, and the number of services continues to grow. Connecting to all these services is usually as easy as logging in and authorizing access to the app. Claris Connect handles the rest. Below is a list of what what was available on day one:

Active CampaignDocparserGoogle TranslateQuickBooks
AWS LambdaDropboxMailgunStripe
AWS SESEventbriteMailparserTrello
AWS SNSFileMaker CloudMS SQL ServerTwilio
AWS SQSFileMaker ServerMySQL ServerTwitter
ClearbitGoogle MapsPubNubZendesk

For a current list of available applications and the functions available for each app, check out the Claris Connect App Directory.

Get in the Flow

Claris Connect works by building Flows. Flows are a way to create a common business process that might involve multiple different actions from separate services. Out of the box Claris Connect includes some prebuilt Flows to help get you started, or you can build your own. Some of the prebuilt Flows include adding attendees to a Mailchimp mailing list when they sign up for an event through EventBrite, or creating a new Zendesk ticket from a Typeform submission. Flows have access to the data of all previous actions making it easy to pass data from one step to the next.

Claris Connect - Get in the Flow


We are extremely excited by how easy it is to integrate Claris Connect with FileMaker. You can trigger a Flow via a FileMaker script step, by using insert from URL. Claris Connect also has a host of actions it can perform on a FileMaker file such as creating a record, editing a record, getting a record by id, deleting a record, performing a search, and executing a FileMaker script. Behind the scenes, Claris Connect is using the FileMaker Data API to do all this, so you need to make sure that you've enabled the fmrest extended privilege set in your FileMaker file.

Claris Connect - FileMakerUtilities

Often times when you are building out your flows, you'll need to format the data differently between services. For instance, FileMaker likes its dates to be formatted as MM/DD/YYYY, while most web-based services want dates formatted YYYY-MM-DD. Utilities allow you to format and manipulate data and other special use cases to help you accomplish your goals. Below is a brief overview of some of the utilities available to you.

Claris Connect - UtilitiesCalculations Utility

The Calculation Utility allows you to do simple math on any previous data. You can add, subtract, multiply, average, return a random number, or build out complex expressions that perform multiple calculations.

Dates Utility

The Dates Utility lets you add time to a date, subtract time, get the number of days between two dates, grab the current date, or format a date.

Documents Utility

The Documents Utility is more powerful than one might originally think. It allows you to extract text from a .pdf, .doc, .docx, .png, .jpg. It also allows you to translate data between the following formats; JSON to XML, JSON to CSV, XML to JSON and CSV to JSON.

Text Utility

The Text Utility is especially powerful. It allows you to format your data any way you want, and can help you extract info like URLs or email addresses, though you might need to learn a bit of Regular Expression to access the full power of this utility.


DeveloperFileMaker PlusEssentialsStandard
Pricing$19.99 per month$49.99 per month$99 per month$249 per month
Active FlowsUnlimitedUnlimited15Unlimited
API Calls500/month10k/month10k/month50k/month
FileMaker AppsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Update TimeReal-timeReal-timeReal-timeReal-time


Although Claris Connect and FileMaker are different products, it is easy to see why Claris acquired Stamplay: both share the goal of helping problem solvers transform workplaces by making them more efficient and effective. Claris Connect allows one to quickly and easily create business process workflows across multiple apps and services, without extensive time or coding knowledge.

Our consultants are ready to help you make the most of Claris Connect. Contact us today for assistance with Claris Connect!

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