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FileMaker 14 Security

The new version of FileMaker 14 has overhauled the security settings to enhance your user experience. These are welcome additions that provide a more secure environment for all users.

Server 14 Changes

FileMaker Server Pin

New to FileMaker Server 14 is the ability to specify a unique 4-digit PIN number. It is important to document and/or not forget your pin because it cannot be changed or retrieved. This pin can now be used to reset the Admin Server password. This is done via the Command Line Interface with the resetpw feature.

Be careful, entering the wrong pin 5 consecutive times will disable the pin and require a reinstall to reset it.

FileMaker Server PortsPorts, ports, ports! Being able to change the port from the standard 80 and 443 was a highly requested feature in FileMaker Server 13. Using non-standard ports will not prevent a targeted attack on your server. However, it will help minimize the non-targeted type attacks that are hunting for open web server ports.

Pro 14 Features

FileMaker Server LoginGone are the days when a user leaving their computer unattended can compromise FileMaker security. You are now required to enter a Full Access account to open the Security settings.

FileMaker Server Basic Settings FileMaker has done a great job updating the user interface for managing security settings. Using the new Basic Setup window under Manage Security makes it easier to manage accounts without getting lost in the details of privilege sets, extended privileges, and file access settings. You can still access privilege sets, extended privileges, and file access settings via the Use Detailed Setup button under Manage Security.

FileMaker Windows LoginWindows and FileMaker Go users can now save passwords when connecting to servers and opening files. While a welcome feature this does present a new security concern. Like their Mac counterparts, anyone can access files without authenticating. Luckily FileMaker 14 has a solution. This can be disabled via File Options-->Allow Credential Manager to save password.

Keep In Mind

  • Ports – You can only define the FileMaker Server 14 ports during installation.

  • FMS Progressive Downloads – You now have the option of using HTTPS with progressive downloads from container fields.

  • FMS SSL Certificate – You can now use the Admin Console to import a certificate from a trusted authority. Whereas FileMaker Server 13 required this to be done via the command line interface.

  • File Options – Be sure to set the minimum version allowed to 14 otherwise someone with FileMaker 13 can circumvent the new security.

  • Password Quality – FileMaker will now display your password quality as weak, moderate, or strong.

If you would like assistance enhancing your FileMaker security settings, contact us and we'd be happy to help.

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