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FileMaker ActiveCampaign Integration

ActiveCampaign is a popular automation platform that lets you easily standardize your workflows, boasting dozens of ways it can prove useful to almost any business. From sales follow-ups all the way to healthcare reminders, ActiveCampaign is used by 150,000+ companies worldwide, helping them streamline the way they reach out to their customers. In tandem with FileMaker, ActiveCampaign can be used as a powerful tool to keep in touch with just about anybody with an email address, making sure all your open loops are successfully getting closed on a regular basis. In this article, we will be covering how to integrate FileMaker with ActiveCampaign by syncing contacts and adding them to automations.


Setting Up an ActiveCampaign Account

Before we can get started, you will need an ActiveCampaign account. For the purposes of this demo, you can use a trial account to gain access to the basic features ActiveCampaign has to offer, including the API. Once you have an account made, go to your settings to get your API URL and API Key. Both of these pieces of information will be needed to establish a link from FileMaker to ActiveCampaign. 

Integrating ActiveCampaign with FileMaker

Using the "Insert From URL" script step alongside some cURL, you can perform a call to the ActiveCampaign API with the credentials you got from the previous step. Please note, however, that the URL of the API request differs from account to account, so your API request must be prefixed with the API URL you got earlier (shown below). 

//Adding a contact to ActiveCampaign
Insert from URL [ Select ; With Dialog: Off ; $result ; $apiURL & "/api/3/contacts/" ; $cURL ; Do not automatically encode URL ]

If we were to create a contact in ActiveCampaign, a standard payload would look like this:

	"contact" :
		"email" : "",
		"firstName" : "John",
		"lastName" : "Doe",
		"phone" : 1234567890

After a successful post through the API when creating a contact, you should get a response like this: 

	"contact" :
		"cdate" : "2022-02-03T07:51:04-06:00",
		"email" : "",
		"email_empty" : false,
		"firstName" : "john",
		"hash" : "5f6a0fa30960c233be0bb50602fc91f9",
		"id" : "3",
		"lastName" : "doe",
		"links": {},
		"organization" : "",
		"orgid" : "",
		"orgname" : "",
		"phone" : 1234567890,
		"udate" : "2022-02-03T07:51:04-06:00"
//the "links" object would include other api calls that could possibly interest you


By integrating ActiveCampaign with your FileMaker system, you can leverage ActiveCampaign's vast collection of automation tools to perform a wide variety of tasks. Regularly reaching out to clients, patients, or colleagues can change from a time-consuming chore to a completely automated process that requires minimal to no input -- while also minimizing the need for double data entry and lowering human error to boot. If you would like assistance integrating ActiveCampaign with your FileMaker solution, please contact DB Services and we can help you get started. 

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