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FileMaker Annual Volume Licensing (AVLA)

We find ourselves frequently recommending Annual Volume Licensing (AVLA) and Annual Site Licensing (ASLA) to our customers. Volume licensing is for those who have 5 or more FileMaker licenses or FileMaker Server.

The benefits of AVLA include:

  • filemaker avla licensingLow cost of entry – Annual Volume Licensing is roughly 1/3 the cost of the software at retail prices. This naturally translates into huge savings when you initially purchase FileMaker software for your organization.

  • Latest version at all times – With Annual Volume Licensing, you always have the rights to the latest version of FileMaker. This means you're going to be compatible with the latest operating systems and have all the latest tools available to you that come with the new versions. (We like having the latest tools available too!)

  • Budgetary Planning – Knowing what software will cost allows you to plan ahead by including the cost of the software in your IT budget. This eliminates the need to go to your director for approval for a one-time expense.

If FileMaker is used to manage your systems and it's considered a critical part of your organization, then Annual Volume Licensing is the right program for you.

Did you know we are an authorized reseller for Claris FileMaker Licensing?
Feel free to call or contact us to discuss upgrading to Claris FileMaker Volume Licensing.

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Kevin Hammond

Kevin is CEO and Business Project Manager for DB Services. He also a founding member of the FileMaker Partner Council and certified in FileMaker 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, and 8. Kevin is passionate about FileMaker as a custom application platform and is constantly on a mission to improve how he approaches each assignment.