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FileMaker Ends Support for Bento

Bento database box

Bento, the Mac OS X database solution that was touted as user-friendly and relied heavily on templates, has been discontinued and will no longer be supported or updated. That’s news that could be tough for some small organizations to swallow.

Bento provided the ability for five users to share a database and integrated with other native Mac applications, which allowed small organizations to do pretty powerful things at a reasonable price. Those organizations will now need to look for an alternative database solution, including upgrading to FileMaker Pro.

First released for the desktop in January 2008, Bento later became the first FileMaker product compatible with iOS in early 2009. However, once FileMaker Go was released in July 2010, it marked the beginning of the end for Bento. Bento only had one release after that.

Bento will no longer be available on the App Store as of October 1, 2013.

Upgrade Bento to FileMaker

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