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FileMaker Go Sensor Functions

In addition to being a leader in Rapid Application Development, FileMaker empowers developers to creatively implement solutions for a wide variety of business cases. FileMaker engineers have expanded the developer’s toolbox by incorporating access to the internal sensors of iOS devices for FileMaker Go users. The dynamic single GetSensor function takes one of 19 primary parameters and returns in real-time data from the accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, or barometer in your device.


The Function

The parameters that can be used with the new function include:

  • GetSensor ( “batteryLevel”)

  • GetSensor ( “batteryStatus” )

  • GetSensor ( “location” { ;accuracy; timeout} )

  • GetSensor ( “locationValues” { ;accuracy; timeout} )

  • GetSensor ( “attitude” )

  • GetSensor ( “rotationRate” )

  • GetSensor ( “accelerationByUser” )

  • GetSensor ( “accelerationByGravity” )

  • GetSensor ( “rotationRate” )

  • GetSensor ( "speed" {; accuracy; timeout} )

  • GetSensor ( "heading" {; accuracy; timeout} )

  • GetSensor ( "magneticField" )

  • GetSensor ( "compassMagneticHeading" {; accuracy; timeout} )

  • GetSensor ( "compassTrueHeading" {; accuracy; timeout}

  • GetSensor ( "stepCount" {; forPastSeconds} )

  • GetSensor ( "stepDistance" {; forPastSeconds} )

  • GetSensor ( "stepFloorsUp" {; forPastSeconds} )

  • GetSensor ( "available" )

  • GetSensor ( "airPressure" )

FileMaker Go Available Sensors

Use Cases

There are many practical uses for employing device sensors. The new functions could be used to help track employee activity out in the field or notify a user with a low battery before they attempt to run a lengthy scripted process. Remember that sensor availability varies between iPad and iPhone models! GetSensor (“available”) should be used to validate which sensors are available on a particular device before executing the GetSensor function with other parameters in your custom apps. In our demonstration we incorporate this new functionality to produce a fun, simple pedometer.


Using this simple but dynamic function you can integrate the sensors in your device with your FileMaker Go optimized solution. Feel free to contact us if you need further assistance or to discuss getting your iOS device's sensors integrated with FileMaker.

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