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FM Quickstart 22

FM Quickstart 22.

The latest version of FM Quickstart comes with our largest update to date! We have added a number of new modules and features that have evolved FM Quickstart into a fully-functioning ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. Some of these new major features include:

  • Leads and opportunity modules for sales pipeline management

  • Purchasing returns and work orders

  • Dynamic top-tier navigation for sales vs. purchasing

  • QuickBooks Online integration

  • iPhone functionality for tasks and contacts

Leads and Opportunities

Managing your sales pipeline has never been easier with our new leads and opportunities modules. The leads module gives you a place to assign incoming leads to staff before beginning the qualification process. Assigned leads will populate the prospecting dashboard, ensuring nothing is missed. Users can create tasks for leads, allowing you to set follow-ups for staff. Once a lead has been qualified, it automatically creates a matching company, location, contact, and opportunity record. This will allow you to separate your unqualified leads from your company and contact database, keeping it clean.

The opportunity module then allows you to generate quotes pertaining to the opportunity. Companies can have multiple active opportunities with different contacts as needed. Open opportunities will populate the assigned user's dashboard, ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks. Users can create tasks for opportunities, allowing you to set follow-ups for staff. Once a related quote is sold, the opportunity is automatically completed.



We have expanded FM Quickstart into a full purchasing and sales application by adding several purchasing modules. Users can now return items relating to received POs and submit work orders to generate inventory.

The purchasing returns module gives you the ability to send back items that may have been damaged or incorrect, allowing you to maintain accurate inventory counts. The work order module will allow users to generate new inventory through production, allowing you to add inventory quantity as needed. Open purchase orders, work orders, and receiving records will populate the purchasing dashboard based on the assigned user.

In addition, we have now separated the purchasing and sales sides of FM Quickstart into two divisions. Users that have access to both divisions will be able to toggle which top tier navigation they want to see, and users with only one division will only see the respective top tier. This will allow you to delegate specific roles to staff while keeping their application clean and precise.


QuickBooks Online Integration

FM Quickstart now comes with a fully-featured QuickBooks Online integration, allowing for seamless transfer of data from the app to your QBO accounting software. Using the simple setup wizard, users will be able to quickly connect the app to their QBO account and instantly save time by eliminating double data entry between systems.

The new integration supports syncing data for all major modules including orders, returns, purchase orders, and PO returns. Payments recorded in FM Quickstart for any of these entities are also automatically synced. A user can instantly sync an item right from the data entry screen, and a status indicator will let them see at a glance if the information has been pushed to QBO.

The update also includes a Sync Dashboard that allows authorized users to view any outstanding items that are waiting to be synced across the system and push them all at once in a single batch. A fully-fledged logging system records every sync attempt and provides user-friendly error messages directly from QBO in the event of an issue. All integration details are also stored for simplified troubleshooting if necessary.

*Paid technical support is required for troubleshooting integration implementations.


iPhone Functionality

With this year's release of FM Quickstart, we have built an iPhone system that allows users to access data anytime, anywhere. When a user signs in using FileMaker Go, they will automatically be directed to the mobile user interface.

Users will be able to view and edit contacts and tasks directly from their iOS device. The contact module offers easy-to-use tap to dial and email buttons for contact methods, as well as a create task button to quickly schedule follow-ups or assign tasks relating to the contact.

The task module allows users to easily view their own as well as other users' tasks, allowing them to review or take notes while out in the field.


DB Services is proud to present FM Quickstart 22 free and totally unlocked to the FileMaker community. This robust ERP app is great for anyone just beginning their journey into FileMaker, or for current FileMaker users looking for an update or new ERP module.

To download FM Quickstart 22, please visit the official FM Quickstart website here to have it sent directly to your email inbox.

Don’t hesitate to contact our team with any questions, or give us a call at 888-488-0191. DB Services looks forward to the opportunity to help you build your dream Workplace Innovation Platform in FileMaker!

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