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FileMaker 16 User Interface Enhancements

The release of FileMaker 16 introduces an arsenal of new user interface (UI) updates that professional developers, citizen developers, and interested script kiddies will come to love. These UI updates include animations and transitions, signature capture enhancements, single document interface, and the removal of the bottom bar.


Animations and Transitions in FileMaker Go 16

If you are familiar at all with native iOS apps, you will recognize the lovable transitions that occur while navigating. In FileMaker Go 16, these same delightful transitions are now a welcomed addition via the "Go To Layout" script step. Available transitions include:

  • Slide In from Left

  • Slide In from Right

  • Slide In from Bottom

  • Slide Out to Left

  • Slide Out to Right

  • Slide Out to Bottom

  • Flip from Left

  • Flip from Right

  • Zoom In

  • Zoom Out

  • Cross Dissolve

Signature Capture Enhancements in FileMaker Go 16

FileMaker Go paired with an iPhone or iPad become the perfect tools for capturing the signatures of your customers, drawing on top of a schematic, or even everyday doodles that you may want to store. FileMaker Go 16 comes ready to go with three new ways to implement a signature capture feature in your custom app:

  • Fullscreen

  • Movable Overlay

  • Embedded Directly in the Layout

Single Document Interface on Windows

While most FileMaker developers use a Mac to build custom solutions, over 80% of end users are on a Windows machine. With the release of FileMaker Pro 16 and FileMaker Pro Advanced 16 for Windows, a very welcomed feature is built right in: Single Document Interface (SDI). For those who aren't aware, previous versions of FileMaker Pro for Windows used a Multiple Document Interface (MDI), which meant that windows were not independent of each other. In FileMaker Pro 16 and FileMaker Pro Advanced 16 for Windows, every window will be independent.

Removal of Bottom Bar

One of the biggest and most noticeable UI changes in FileMaker Pro 16 and FileMaker Pro Advanced 16 comes with the removal of the bottom bar and, when not needed, the scrollbar area. In previous versions, the scrollbar area would show no matter what, and the bottom bar was home to the SSL certificate checker, zoom levels, showing/hiding the status bar, changing modes (Layout, Find, Browse, Preview), and adjusting the part label orientation. Instead, FileMaker Pro 16 relocates the SSL certificate checker to the top right of the interface bar and opts to use keyboard shortcuts instead. These keyboard shortcuts include:

  • Zoom In (Mac: ⌘+ or PC:)

  • Zoom Out (Mac: ⌘- or PC:)

  • Show Status Bar (Mac: ⌥⌘S or PC:)

  • Browse Mode (Mac: ⌘B or PC:)

  • Find Mode (Mac: ⌘F or PC:)

  • Layout Mode (Mac: ⌘L or PC:)

  • Preview Mode (Mac: ⌘U or PC:)

  • Adjust Part Label Orientation (Mac: ⌘Click or PC:)

FileMaker 15 interface:
FileMaker 15 Interface

FileMaker 16 interface:
FileMaker 16 Interface

Additional UI Updates

Card Windows

One of the biggest and most anticipated time-saving features to be released with FileMaker 16 is the Card Window. A Card Window is an easy-to-use tool that allows developers to overlay any layout from any context without the need to create additional relationships, scripts, or layout objects. See FileMaker Card Windows in action.

Layout Objects Window

A new Layout Objects Window joins the FileMaker collection of palettes as an effortless way to work with stacked objects, name objects, and even search for objects on a layout. If you are familiar with Photoshop, then you'll love this new feature. See the FileMaker Layout Objects Window in action.


FileMaker Pro 16, FileMaker Server 16, and FileMaker Go 16 all come jam-packed with plenty of mouth-watering features that developers will love and end users (ie. your clients) will die to have in their solutions. With the new Card Windows, Layout Object window, Data Viewer, animations and transitions, enhancements to signature capture, and a welcomed single document interface, FileMaker 16 is a game-changer for developers and a definite must-have upgrade. If you want to see all of these new user interface features, soon we will make available for download a new version of our free FileMaker Quickstart starter solution for FileMaker Pro 16 or FileMaker Go 16.

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