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Mobile Development FileMaker Go

FileMaker Go provides a low-cost way to rapidly develop and deploy mobile solutions to the iPad and iPhone.

The Benefits of Flexibility

FileMaker Go allows you to use your iPad, iPhone, or iTouch to perform vital tasks for your organization without having to be at a computer. With FileMaker Go, you can either work in real-time or work off-line until you get an Internet connection to send and receive data to and from FileMaker Server.

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Key Features of FileMaker Go

With FileMaker Go, you can:

  • Generate proposals and invoices on-site
  • Capture customer signatures
  • Dispatch service tickets to technicians
  • Collect barcodes
  • Take pictures and insert them into your database
  • Email PDF’s
  • View graphical reports away from the office

Development Choices

We can take your existing FileMaker system to the next level by designing it for the iPad, iPhone, or iTouch for mobile users. Or, you can have a new FileMaker system built from scratch solely for FileMaker Go.

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