Upgrade FileMaker Versions Tap into dozens of new features that make FileMaker even more powerful and easier to use.

Why Upgrade FileMaker?

Need an upgrade? Enjoy all the benefits of the latest and greatest features in the newest version of FileMaker.

Claris is continuously working to improve the functionality and usability of the FileMaker platform by predicting the needs of its customer and implementing those in each new version. Just as people rush to buy the new iPhone when it comes out, each new release brings exciting features you don’t want to miss out on!

Whether you are using a version in the old .fp5 or .fp7 file type or one of the more recent versions and want to enjoy the benefits of the latest FileMaker release, we can help you safely upgrade in a timely manner.

FileMaker Conversions

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Our Experience

We have upgraded hundreds of our clients’ systems from versions as early as FileMaker 1 (Nutshell) to the latest version of FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server. As a top Claris FileMaker reseller, we will also save you money and make sure you get the best FileMaker licensing.

Competitive Licensing Prices

Need a quote for the latest version of FileMaker? Fill out our FileMaker Licensing Quote Form and one of our FileMaker Licensing Specialists will be in touch to get you the best pricing possible.

Our FileMaker Services

Want to upgrade your FileMaker application to the latest version so you can enjoy all the benefits a modern, state-of-the-art application offers? Let’s talk about what we can accomplish together.