Customize Existing FileMaker Solutions

Customizing your database around your workflow increases efficiency, gets rid of headaches and makes you more money.

Why Custom?

A database software solution that isn’t fitted to your needs forces you to shape your workflow to what the software wants you to do. This not only causes headaches, it’s inefficient, wasting your time and money.

We believe your database solution should be just the opposite: Your software should work the way you do. With a custom FileMaker database, we design the system to align with your workflow, streamline processes, increase transparency, and eliminate redundancies.

Clients often comment that customizing their FileMaker system has given them a return on investment they couldn’t previously envision.

Our Development Process

Our process includes analyzing your workflow, mapping it into a visual form, and creating a road map to get you and your system performing at peak efficiency. For more on our process, visit our page on our FileMaker Development Process.

Ready to discuss how your database can be improved? Contact us about customizing your FileMaker database!