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Claris FileMaker 19 Overview

Claris FileMaker 19 Overview.

A new and exciting version of FileMaker is here! 2020 marks over 35 years for the Claris FileMaker platform. A lot of innovation has occurred at Claris since the last FileMaker release. FileMaker Cloud, FileMaker Marketplace, and Claris Connect have launched, and Claris Nextgen is in the roadmap.

In this article we will focus on the Claris FileMaker flagship product, specifically FileMaker Pro 19, FileMaker Server 19, FileMaker Go 19, and FileMaker Cloud. We discuss some of our favorite new features with articles, videos, and free downloads. With this release, it is clear that Claris FileMaker continues to be the leader in Workplace Innovation Platforms.

What’s New?

Claris FileMaker Pro 19

FileMaker Pro is no longer called FileMaker Pro Advanced and this marks the last annual release of Claris FileMaker Pro. Claris will adopt an Agile Development methodology that includes more rapid release schedules.  Eventually, we expect Claris will name the product based on the year, i.e. Claris FileMaker 2021 next year.

Perform JavaScript in Web Viewer

You can now perform Javascript in a Web Viewer and have FileMaker scripts communicate directly.  Each can call the other and pass in parameters. This means you can use your own or third party JavaScript libraries to add advanced user interface elements into your apps.  See the new FileMaker JavaScript Web Viewer Integration in action as Devin Drake presents to you this powerful technology.

Note: On Windows, the Web Viewer uses Internet Explorer 11 which has limitations and may require additional complexity to in order to support IE 11.  Claris plans to move to Edge down the road.

FileMaker Add-Ons

FileMaker Add-Ons have been in the product since version 17 when inserting a Portal. Now, they are much more visible in Layout Mode on the left Objects Pane. The Add-Ons present are the same 11, (Action Items, Addresses, Attachments, Companies, Email Addresses, General Info, Inventory Transactions, Notes, People, Phone Numbers, and Topics), but now, you can create your own Add-On with the script step “Save a Copy as Add-on Package”. You can create your own Add-Ons and utilize the new Javascript Web Viewers to really take your Workplace Innovation Platform to the next level. Learn about Creating Your Own FileMaker Add-Ons as Isaac Harris provides a video walk-through and sample Add-On file for download.

Claris plans to release Add-Ons down the road in the product and in the Marketplace.

Claris Marketplace

The new Claris Marketplace launched in November 2019, replacing Made for FileMaker (MFF). FileMaker 19 now displays a link to the Marketplace in the Create screen.

You can expect to find in the future Add-Ons in the Marketplace to add to your applications later this year. We are expecting to see Kanban Boards, Calendars, Charting, Rich Text Editors, and more. All are features that are difficult to achieve in the native FileMaker client which leverages existing Javascript libraries via Web Viewers.

There are great solutions for all needs in the Claris Community and Marketplace. The number of free and paid products is increasing each day in the Claris Marketplace, and we are excited to see what solutions these products can offer to FileMaker users of all experience levels.

Configure Machine Learning

You can now load a Core ML (Machine Learning) model and prepare it for use using the new Configure Machine Learning Model script step. You can create your own model you have trained yourself, or find one for free online. You can also purchase a Core ML model.  Just drop it into a container, give a model name, pass parameters, and return the result.  We expect a lot of innovation in customer applications in image recognition and more.

See in action FileMaker Machine Learning Using CoreML as Aaron Kaiser demos how to set up a model.  Check out Core ML models on GitHub too.

Print Page Numbers

If you would like to show the total page count on reports, this is now easier than ever.  You can print Page X of XX by using the new PageCount symbol to print page numbers with the total page count.

Claris FileMaker Pro 19 Technical Specifications

FileMaker Pro 19 is supported on Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise (64-bit only), macOS Catalina 10.15, and macOS Mojave 10.15. Note: there is no longer support for Windows 7.

FileMaker Developer Subscription

If you want early access to FileMaker versions, purchase a FileMaker Developer Subscription for $99/per year. The subscription gives you access to the pre-release version, the FileMaker Data Migration Tool, the FileMaker iOS SDK, and more. Once purchased, you can download the tools from your Claris Community account.

NOTE: The FileMaker Developer Subscription is planned to be updated to a new program that includes Claris Connect, and current subscribers will automatically convert to the new plan.

FileMaker Solution Upgrade Tool

You can now patch a FileMaker application using the FileMaker Solution Upgrade Tool. The new tool is Preview software for the community that expands on the Save As XML feature released in FileMaker 18.  See how the FileMaker Solution Upgrade Tool works as Sarah walks you through how to use it. This is strictly a command line tool that leverages XML files for critical fixes to your solution. In most situations, you will still want to use the FileMaker Data Migration Tool when upgrading.

FileMaker Go 19

FileMaker Go for the iPad and iPhone has all the features provided in FileMaker Pro, plus specific iOS features. You will need FileMaker Pro on the desktop to customize your application in FileMaker Go. The new version of FileMaker Go 19 is available in the App Store as a free download.

NFC Readings

You can now scan or stop scanning Near Field Communication (NFC) tags using FileMaker Go.  Learn how NFC Tag Reading works in FileMaker Go as Devon Mason walks you through this exciting new feature.

Siri Shortcuts

In FileMaker Go 19, you can now create FileMaker scripts in the Shortcuts app allowing you to run Shortcuts or Siri voice commands. See how to set up FileMaker Siri Shortcuts with Andy Bowerman.

High Efficiency Image File Format

Inserting HEIF images on layouts and in container fields that can be viewed in macOS and iOS is now available. At times, iOS users have HEIF images turned on their iPad and iPhone when inserting images. This is now compatible.

FileMaker Go 19 Technical Specifications

FileMaker Go 19 is supported on iPads and iPhones running iOS 13.2.

FileMaker Server 19

FileMaker Server is known for its ease-of-use and ability to run smoothly. The newest version focuses on WebDirect Window Card support, along with performance improvements and security updates.

WebDirect FileMaker Card Windows

With this release, you now have one of the most powerful and popular user experience tools available in FileMaker WebDirect.  See how FileMaker Card Windows work by looking back at FileMaker version 16.

Startup Restoration

The new Startup Restoration feature is now turned off by default and enhancements are planned for the future.

FileMaker Server 19 Technical Specifications

FileMaker Server 19 is compatible with Windows Server 2019 Standard Edition, Windows Server 2016 Standard Edition, macOS Catalina 10.15, and macOS Mojave 10.14. If you’re on Windows Server 2012, it’s a good time to consider moving to FileMaker Cloud.

WebDirect desktop browser support includes Safari, Microsoft Edge, Edge Chromium, Chrome, and mobile browser support includes Safari on iOS and Chrome on Android.

Note: Supported clients include FileMaker Pro 18, FileMaker Pro 19, FileMaker Go 18, and FileMaker Go 19.

FileMaker Cloud

The new product called FileMaker Cloud was launched in September 2019 and can be purchased from your favorite FileMaker Reseller or direct from Claris. In addition, FileMaker Cloud Essentials was released in January 2020 for 5-10 users. FileMaker Cloud and Cloud Essentials are considered a new license type, to which our DB Services Licensing Specialists can help you transition. This is a great option versus deploying On-Premise for many customers–especially if you are new to the platform, need to replace your current server hardware, or are expanding to a more mobile or remote workforce! FileMaker Cloud plans to expand to the EU later this year.

At this time, FileMaker Cloud doesn’t offer a native Schedule Manager like what is available for On-Premise.  You can download our free FileMaker Cloud Schedule Manager to add this capability. Contact us if you would like help with setup, or for us to manage FileMaker Cloud Hosting for you.

Note: FileMaker Cloud does require a separate user license for any consultant or developer you may work with.

FileMaker Cloud for AWS was released in September 2016 and is now End of Life. Version 1.18 is the last supported version and can only be purchased till the end of 2020.  Product support ends in January 2022.


The Claris FileMaker platform continues to be the leader in creating innovative, powerful custom applications for organizations all around the world and works seamlessly across Windows, Mac, iOS, and the Web. The release of the FileMaker 19 platform further solidifies FileMaker as the Workplace Innovation Platform leader with more frequent releases ahead.

FileMaker Go gives the platform a competitive edge and this version continues to build off its strong foundation. Organizations can create innovative and rapid custom applications for iOS with great return on investment (ROI), and creating prototype applications on the iPad and iPhone is a matter of hours not months.

FileMaker 19 is a great release and has features everyone can benefit from. We look forward to helping you build innovative custom applications using these new tools for desktop, mobile, and web. Contact DB Services at any time with any questions or needs with Claris FileMaker!

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