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MuleSoft Composer for Salesforce

MuleSoft Composer for Salesforce is the fastest and easiest way for non-developers to connect third-party applications and data to Salesforce using clicks, not code. No more waiting for developer resources for urgent, high-priority projects; MuleSoft Composer empowers you to build and integrate quickly, without ever leaving Salesforce.

Empower Non-Developers

In many organizations, admins and other employees are dependent on developer or IT resources to complete their requests for change or innovation within Salesforce. MuleSoft Composer eliminates part of this setback, enabling non-developers to build and integrate directly in Salesforce. There’s no need to learn a new system- the integration tool is built right into the admin console for easy use. Both teams are able to work together to innovate better and faster, delivering on high-priority projects more quickly and efficiently. 

MuleSoft Composer Salesforce- Composer Flows page.

Clicks, Not Code

MuleSoft Composer provides a guided, click-through experience that makes it easy to connect apps and data to Salesforce. Just follow the onscreen instructions- no code required! For quick, automated integrations, utilize the library of pre-built connectors and templates to get your project up and running fast. Preview as you build and design with real data, and monitor errors with automatic alerts. 

Some of their pre-built connectors include:

Creating a New Composer Flow

When creating a new Composer flow, you will first have to connect with the system in which you want the flow to start and choose the event that triggers the flow. You can also choose to schedule when the flow will run instead of triggering it with an event. Your Composer flow can start in any system that has a connector. 

Now, you can add additional steps to take actions in any system you are connected to, including the system where the trigger happened. Choose the system where the action takes place, and add other basic flow actions like if/else or loops.

MuleSoft Composer Salesforce- Add Action Flow Details.

When an action returns a record (or records), you can use that data in other actions. Use the test button at any time to see how your Composer flow is working. When you’re ready to go, activate your flow. 


MuleSoft Composer is the perfect no-code tool for non-developers to connect data to Salesforce. Empowering your Salesforce admins has never been easier- you'll get the tools you need to quickly unlock data, connect apps, and automate integrations. Contact DB Services today for assistance with MuleSoft Composer for Salesforce

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