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Nathan Kiefer  /  Salesforce  /  September 9th, 2020

Marketing Cloud Connect

Explore the key benefits of Marketing Cloud Connect and join us in this article series surveying the power, flexibility and personalization that can be achieved by connecting Sales and Service Cloud with Marketing Cloud. Includes a video.
Aaron Kaiser  /  Free DownloadsSalesforceFileMaker  /  August 9th, 2019

FileMaker Salesforce Marketing Cloud Integration

With Salesforce Marketing Cloud's SOAP API and automation tools, you can automatically import email engagement statistics into your FileMaker application and link them to customers and prospects. Learn how to integrate your FileMaker application with Salesforce Marketing Cloud to automatically import email campaign statistics. Includes a video and sample file.
Ian Haas  /  Free DownloadsSalesforceFileMaker  /  September 14th, 2016

Integrating FileMaker and Salesforce using Zapier

With the power of Zapier, different applications can be integrated into your FileMaker solution and overall business with ease. The great potential of integrating various platforms and automating the many tasks within them with Zapier can greatly increase productivity and enormously speed up company wide workflows.

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