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Kevin Hammond  /  FileMaker  /  March 6th, 2013

Upgrading FileMaker Pro, Part 1 - FileMaker Conversion

This is a two-part article tackling the challenge of converting and consolidating FileMaker Pro .fp3 and .fp5 file types to .fp7 and .fmp12. In part one, we cover the FileMaker conversion process.
Kevin Hammond  /  FileMaker  /  February 13th, 2013

Upgrading FileMaker Pro, Part 2 - File Consolidation

This is part two of a two-part article tackling the challenge of converting and consolidating FileMaker Pro .fp3 and .fp5 file types to .fp7 or .fmp12. In part 2, we cover the process of Consolidating FileMaker Files.
Kevin Hammond  /  FileMaker  /  January 18th, 2013

FileMaker Naming Conventions and Standards

FileMaker Naming Conventions and Standards is especially important when working in a team environment. Learn how to make your applications easier to maintain and developer friendly. The solution will be self documented by the meta data of your development standard.
Kevin Hammond  /  FileMaker  /  November 14th, 2012

FileMaker 12 Starter Solutions

We review the 16 new FileMaker Starter Solutions in FileMaker 12. All FileMaker templates include iOS layouts designed for FileMaker Go on the iPad and iPhone.
Kevin Hammond  /  FileMakerHosting  /  April 10th, 2012

FileMaker 12 Managing Container Data

We look at the interface and the new features available for container fields including: Manage Containers, Storage Options, Thumbnail Options, Transfer Data, Container Field Options, Filter File Types, Compression, Secure Storage, Open Storage, FileMaker Server storage locations, and Progressive Backups.
Kevin Hammond  /  FileMakerHosting  /  April 4th, 2012

FileMaker 12 Whats New

Review of FileMaker 12 features, including: Layout Themes, Streaming Containers, Window Controls, Charting (positive/negative column, scatter, bubble, stacked column, stacked bar), Starter Solutions, FileMaker Go now free, 64-bit Server, Progressive Backups, Faster WAN, Improved Web Publishing.
Jeremiah Kincaid  /  FileMaker  /  March 13th, 2012

Working on a Live FileMaker System

Avoid the potential problems while working on a live FileMaker system. Understand and prevent table locking, missing table occurrences, and throwing users on default tabs.
Kevin Hammond  /  FileMaker  /  January 5th, 2012

BaseElements FileMaker Plugin Sponsorship

If you use plug-ins to extend FileMaker, you have to check out the BaseElements plug-in. The plug-in is free, open source, and is a terrific option when looking to extend FileMaker via a plug-in. This FileMaker plug-in has quickly become the Swiss Army knife of plugins!
Kevin Hammond  /  FileMaker  /  November 17th, 2011

FileMaker and Lion Compatibility

FileMaker 11v4 is Mac OS X Lion 10.7 compatible, but are you? See what versions are supported and what you might need to address now that Rosetta support isn't included in the latest Mac OS X release.
Kevin Hammond  /  FileMaker  /  November 17th, 2011

New FileMaker TechNet is Now Free

FileMaker TechNet includes a Developer forum, Webinars, Technical Documentation, Developer News, White papers, Sales Tools, and a Technical Resource Library all for free.
Kevin Hammond  /  FileMaker  /  November 17th, 2011

FileMaker Annual Volume Licensing (AVLA)

DB Services is a FileMaker Authorized Reseller and provides FileMaker Volume Licensing to clients in North America and abroad.
Kevin Hammond  /  FileMaker  /  November 15th, 2011

FileMaker 9 Support to End

Support will end on September 27, 2012 for the FileMaker 9 product family.
Kevin Hammond  /  FileMaker  /  April 27th, 2011

FileMaker Go 1.2 Enterprise Ready?

Is FileMaker 1.2 now ready for the Enterprise? We think so. New features include printing to PDF, printing to AirPrint, signature capture, charting, record locking messaging, and opening hidden files via a network path.
Kevin Hammond  /  FileMaker  /  March 12th, 2010

FileMaker 11 Whats New

New in FileMaker 11, QuickFind (Google like Searching), Charting (bars, lines, area, pie), Layout Management, Inspector Palette, Custom Function Importing, Windows 7 compatibility, 64-bit Server compatibility.
Jeff Tzucker  /  FileMaker  /  October 30th, 2009

FileMaker UI Design for Beginners

For the beginning designer, knowing where to start when designing a FileMaker user interface (UI) can be daunting. To help give a framework for how to think about UI design, it helps to break UI design into two broad, but distinct and equal chunks.
Jeremiah Kincaid  /  FileMaker  /  September 2nd, 2009

Using FileMaker Table, Layout IDs in Scripts and Calculations

Build your FileMaker system so it doesn't break when you change names. Utilize internal FileMaker table IDs instead of table occurrence names to build a robust application.
Jeremiah Kincaid  /  FileMaker  /  September 2nd, 2009

Saving and Restoring Filemaker Found Sets

Maintain the user's current found set when performing scripted finds. If no records are found, naturally return to the found set.
Kevin Hammond  /  FileMaker  /  August 31st, 2009

Networking FileMaker Pro Databases

Networking a FileMaker database is very easy to do, but if done improperly can lead to a damaged file, data loss, or even losing the entire application.
Kevin Hammond  /  FileMaker  /  August 18th, 2009

Resell Your FileMaker Pro Application

Do you have a FileMaker application you built from the ground-up? Are you considering selling your FileMaker application in the marketplace, but don't know where to start?
Kevin Hammond  /  FileMakerHosting  /  August 18th, 2009

FileMaker Server Plug-Ins and Schedules

If you're using a FileMaker robot, get ready to say good-bye to it: FileMaker Server now has the ability for server-side plugins to be installed and scheduled to run FileMaker scripts or System Level operating system scripts based on your schedule setup.

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