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Jeff Tzucker  /  FileMaker  /  October 30th, 2009

FileMaker UI Design for Beginners

For the beginning designer, knowing where to start when designing a FileMaker user interface (UI) can be daunting. To help give a framework for how to think about UI design, it helps to break UI design into two broad, but distinct and equal chunks.
Jeremiah Kincaid  /  FileMaker  /  September 2nd, 2009

Saving and Restoring FileMaker Found Sets

Maintain the user's current found set when performing scripted finds. If no records are found, naturally return to the found set.
Jeremiah Kincaid  /  FileMaker  /  September 2nd, 2009

Using FileMaker Table, Layout IDs in Scripts and Calculations

Build your FileMaker system so it doesn't break when you change names. Utilize internal FileMaker table IDs instead of table occurrence names to build a robust application. Includes sample file.
Kevin Hammond  /  FileMaker  /  August 31st, 2009

Networking FileMaker Pro Databases

Networking a FileMaker database is very easy to do, but if done improperly can lead to a damaged file, data loss, or even losing the entire application.
Kevin Hammond  /  FileMaker  /  August 18th, 2009

Resell Your FileMaker Pro Application

Do you have a FileMaker application you built from the ground-up? Are you considering selling your FileMaker application in the marketplace, but don't know where to start?
Kevin Hammond  /  FileMakerHosting  /  August 18th, 2009

FileMaker Server Plug-Ins and Schedules

If you're using a FileMaker robot, get ready to say good-bye to it: FileMaker Server now has the ability for server-side plugins to be installed and scheduled to run FileMaker scripts or System Level operating system scripts based on your schedule setup.
Kevin Hammond  /  FileMaker  /  August 18th, 2009

FileMaker Icons, Buttons, Interface Design Tips

Making a great interface in FileMaker means using buttons and icons. Icons help you visually communicate a better user experience. Download the FamFamFam library of transparent PNGs.
Kevin Hammond  /  FileMakerHosting  /  August 11th, 2009

FileMaker Remote Connections with DynDNS

A simple and free way to allow remote connections to your FileMaker database is setting up an account with DynDNS. This will allow you to have a dynamic IP and have a domain name that stays the same to your FileMaker Server.

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